Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New York Shopping...

So as you all know, I'm off to New York on Friday, which I am unbelievably excited about.

However, I have been conjuring up a list of places I want to visit when I get there, mainly by trawling through Camille's blog, childhoodflames because, in my humble opinion, she is the best dressed Blogger orbiting the Blogosphere.

So far, scribbled down in my notebook I've got,

Opening Ceremony,
Bird Smith,
La Tova...

So pretty limited really. I haven't included the obvious ones because, you know, you people are busy and haven't got time to read Barney's, Forever 21, Saks 5th Avenue... Oops.

If you have any other suggestions, please don't hesitate in winging them my way.

I will probably be taking my Mac over there with me, (fingers crossed my luggage doesn't get lost) so I will trytrytry and put pictures up every couple of days.


I bid you farewell, gorgeous ladies and the three (?) or so boys that follow me,  and I will speak to you all soon.

P.S My dream House of Holland t-shirt would be - I WANA BANG ALEXANDER WANG.


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Little Sunday Catch Up

Hey Girls and Guys,

Hope you are all well.

I have to apologise for being a crappy Blogger, I've been busy, but I'm not overly sure what with.

I thought I'd do a little Sunday Catch Up to share with you all what's gwanin.

I've been settling back into Uni, after a delish three weeks off over Christmas.

We have some pretty cool modules to do this term, finally after three years of fairly mundane tasks.

First off, we have to use devise a marketing strategy to boost a brand or retailer's communications strategy.

I probably shouldn't mention the name, but we have chosen a luxury retailer based in England, and have chosen to host a fashion show at Liverpool's fabulous Mal Maison Hotel.

The thing is, the event wont actually take place, but we have to make sure we cover every single element, so we're talking, costs - pricing of invitations, health and safety issues, models, clothing, goody bags...

It is actually really fun planning it, despite all of the nitty gritty details, and I have found that really high class, well known brands are really helpful to send you information over. It's nicely surprising that people "up there" are happy to help.

Our second module is the comparison of a brand's marketing strategy in two different countries - England and New York.

So next week, we are getting our groove on, going to New York for a field trip and will probably spend half the time in the Topshop in Broadway. I predict that a fair amount of time will be spent in Liverpool's Topshop, which is the third biggest in Europe. Boo ya.

Sounds pretty boss to me.

Here is another black outfit for you; it's my inner goth coming out of me.


P.S I bet my Mum pulls me up and says, what does "gwanin" mean.

EDIT: I hadhadhad to remove all the "prettys" because the intense amount of times I used the word was making me cringe.

Saturday, 23 January 2010


I'm off out to buy cigarette trousers and a pimp black blazer.


Girls after my own heart

I'm not overly sure when this obsession with dressing in black and white will end, but no doubt it's boring you guys.

I kind of like it, it's a bit tricky at times; all I seem to be wearing are see-through H+M white t-shirts with black jeans.

However, I bought these black fox fur cuffs to go at the bottom of your sleeves which are pretty pimp.

I've also made a few other "investments" as well, accessories wise. Pictures to follow soon I guess.

P.S. I'm fuming because my Moncler coat isn't going to arrive until after I get back from New York so I've jibbed that one off, so my mission is to find a decent coat before I leave.

P.P.S Just wanted to say a big HELLO to my new followers! Thanks guys! Say Hi - don't be shy!

P.P.P.S That chick at the bottom kind of looks like Jasper from Twilight, yah?


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Concrete Jungle Outfit Ideas - 1



Friday, 15 January 2010

Mal Maison and Kirsty Doyle - Valentines Day 2010

Kirsty Doyle and Malmaison hotels have launched an exclusive collaboration for Valentines Day.

Guests at the Liverpool Malmaison hotel will be able to indulge in the Kirsty Doyle for Malmaison with their loved one over Valentines Day including an overnight stay in the luxury hotel, breakfast and Valentines cocktails for two as well as an exclusively designed pure silk floor length gown in deep purple designed by Kirsty.
The Kirsty Doyle for Malmaison gown is reminiscent of 1930’s starlet glamour, sweeping the floor in rich purple silk and featuring oversized bell sleeves with gathered cuffs and matching purple silk belt.

 ‘Valentines is a great time to indulge yourself and your loved one,’ comments Kirsty ‘The Malmaison is such a luxurious hotel and I love coming here for a bit of pampering. I wanted my design to reflect the feelings of stylish romance that hotels evoke and all the promises that Valentines day encapsulates.’

Sharon Simons, Business Development Manager for Malmaison says: 'Malmaison are delighted to join forces with Kirsty Doyle, the brands are similar in the way we stand out from the crowd against our competitors; we are stylish, sexy, fun and you can be who you want to be when  you are in the hotel or wearing Kristy's designs!’
The Kirsty Doyle for Malmaison package is now open with prices starting at £350. To book a room with the Kirsty Doyle for Malmaison package, please contact Liverpool Malmaison on 0151 2295000 and quote ‘Kirsty Doyle’.


I don't like Cricket, oh no. I love it.

Lanvin Ballet Flats
Balmain Ready to Wear
Roberto Cavalli Jewellery
All available from Cricket, Liverpool


Thursday, 7 January 2010

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy 101 Tag

So I've been tagged to do Happy 101 Tag.

I love tags. I'm so jealous when I see really fun looking tags and don't get tagged in them.

Anyway, so this is 10 things that make me happy.

In no particular order...

Sex and the City
Episode after episode after episode. I could watch it all day long if I didn't have other stuff to do. I have probably seen each episode at least say 40 times. Now that's a lot of hours. I got the box set when I was 16 and it's been one of the best presents I have ever received.
Carrie is my inspiration, and probably the reason why I started writing, got a MacBook, and started wearing neck scarves round my arms.

My brother is the person to be thankful for, for getting me into music. He had me listening to Radiohead's OK Computer when I was 10, and my love for alternative music grew from there. My all time favourite artists are probably The Beastie Boys, Marilyn Manson, Oasis, OutKast, Radiohead, JUSTICE, Erol Alkan, Slipknot, India Arie, Erykah Badu, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley.. That kind of thing really.

The Beatles
The Beatles deserve a category all of their own. Nothing makes me more proud to be able to say that the biggest band of all time are from Liverpool. Trace back through popular bands today and you get a timeline that will eventually reach back to the Beatles as their primary influential source.
I was lucky enough to go and see Paul McCartney last year at Liverpool Football Club's stadium, Anfield, and it is probably the best concert I have ever been to. Little bit of useless info - My Granny and Granddad used to own a newsagents, and who was their paper boy? Only little Paul McCartney! My two favourite Beatles songs are Eleanor Rigby and Come Together. Unreal.

MAC Make Up
Maybe a little shallow of me, but buying products from MAC really excites me. Is that weird? My favourite products are Peachykeen Blush, Studio Sculpt Concealer, Fluid Line Concealer in Black Track and Lustre Lipstick in Politely Pink. The Back to Mac scheme is such a good incentive. I've had about three or four lipsticks because of it.

My Driving License.
In real life, one of my annoyingly favourite topics to talk about is Epilepsy. I got diagnosed when I was 19. It was just after first year of Uni had finished, so I was out all the time, staying out late and getting rather drunk. In turn, this provoked my Epilepsy, and my License was taken off me straight away, with the rule being that I had to go 12 months without having a seizure and I would be able to drive again. It took me two years to get my license back. There is nothing more annoying than always having to rely on friends for lifts and I couldn't believe it when my license came through the door late last year. Needless to say, I don't drink alcohol anymore, and I drive every time any of us go out. Plus I got a sweet little Mini for proving I could do it.

My Mum
My Mum never fails to make me smile. She is so cute, and funny, but not on purpose. She is so generous, kind and loving. She has had a tough couple of years, but still works hard, growing her business and is such a lovely person.

My Friends
I am so lucky to have such a hilarious group of friends. They are all so wise, and so funny. Always there to make you laugh, and there to give support and advice when it is needed. Most of my closest friends are girls that I went to school with, so we've known each other for years and years.

My MacBook
Can you tell I'm running out of things? I have had my MacBook since I was 18 and it is my absolute lifeline. If I was to drop this or get it robbed or anything, I would be devastated. I do have an apple Time Capsule to back it all up on, but I haven't got round to doing it yet.. Eek.

My Dogs
You've all seen countless photos of the puppies, Coco and Lola, but they are very cute. They are Lhasa Apsos, and they are about four months old now. Here's little Lola pretending she has no legs, and doing a very good impression of an owl.

My Brother
My Brother Paul is without a doubt one of the funniest people in my life. He is naturally very witty and very wise. He is a bit too clever for his own good, and known by many as "the happiest guy in Liverpool."
That is him in the check shirt, performing at a gig in Liverpool. He is such a lovely guy.

I feel a bit sly because I haven't included my Dad but he too makes me happy, but I don't have a photo of him. He's a good guy though. Very knowledgeable and has led the most unreal life. He tells me different stories of his life every day, that I have never heard before.

Oh and I tag anybody who wants to do this!


Lushae $5000 Competition

I have been contacted by Sarah from Lushae Jewellery who has told me about an amazing competition that they are running.

All you have to do to enter their sweepstakes is to display one of the badges on your Blog, website, or any other social profile and you will automatically entered into their draw.

Did I mention the prizes? $5000 Cash. CASH! How good is that. It's to spend anywhere you like, not just on this lovely website.

There will also be a monthly draw for a generous $200. All for displaying a badge.

I've chosen to use the I <3 DIAMONDS Badge but there is quite a large selection to pick from.

To enter the competition, follow this link, enter the competition and pick one of the badges.

I've been looking at the website, and found that there are some absolutely beautiful items to buy.

I've really got into wearing loads of rings recently, and here are a few favourites of mine from Lushae.

The website also sells earrings, so for all your fellow Carrie Bradshaw obsessives...

Check out the website, and get copying the badge into your page.

Have a good day!

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