Sunday, 24 January 2010

Little Sunday Catch Up

Hey Girls and Guys,

Hope you are all well.

I have to apologise for being a crappy Blogger, I've been busy, but I'm not overly sure what with.

I thought I'd do a little Sunday Catch Up to share with you all what's gwanin.

I've been settling back into Uni, after a delish three weeks off over Christmas.

We have some pretty cool modules to do this term, finally after three years of fairly mundane tasks.

First off, we have to use devise a marketing strategy to boost a brand or retailer's communications strategy.

I probably shouldn't mention the name, but we have chosen a luxury retailer based in England, and have chosen to host a fashion show at Liverpool's fabulous Mal Maison Hotel.

The thing is, the event wont actually take place, but we have to make sure we cover every single element, so we're talking, costs - pricing of invitations, health and safety issues, models, clothing, goody bags...

It is actually really fun planning it, despite all of the nitty gritty details, and I have found that really high class, well known brands are really helpful to send you information over. It's nicely surprising that people "up there" are happy to help.

Our second module is the comparison of a brand's marketing strategy in two different countries - England and New York.

So next week, we are getting our groove on, going to New York for a field trip and will probably spend half the time in the Topshop in Broadway. I predict that a fair amount of time will be spent in Liverpool's Topshop, which is the third biggest in Europe. Boo ya.

Sounds pretty boss to me.

Here is another black outfit for you; it's my inner goth coming out of me.


P.S I bet my Mum pulls me up and says, what does "gwanin" mean.

EDIT: I hadhadhad to remove all the "prettys" because the intense amount of times I used the word was making me cringe.


Much love. x

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