Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Little Saint Bride Wednesday Catch Up

Hi Guys,

Hope you are all good in the hood?

I just thought I'd actually put some form of elongated text in my Blog, rather than using simple anecdotal  sentences to partially sum up posts.

Last week I returned from an unbelievable, yet chilly (-9c to be exact), seven days in New York, where I stayed at the Hudson Hotel in the Upper West Side.

You know what I loved the most about being there?

Being there. 

There were two days that really stand out in my memory as being the highlights of my week.

My BFF of 19 years, Erin, had an interview at a modelling agency one morning, so I chaperoned her to the agency, then took the subway downtown to round by Bleecker, Prince, Mulberry and Bond Street.

I literally just walked round, sat on benches, drank coffee, and just watched people go on with their day.

It might have been cold, but the sun kept shining, which in my eyes makes for really beautiful weather.

The main highlight of the whole trip for me was the day I spent in Brooklyn on my own.

I knew I would regret it if I didn't go to Brooklyn, so I got on the L Train at 14th Street and got off at Bedford Avenue, and again, drank coffee, walked round and took photographs (see the posts below.)

The night before I went to Brooklyn it had been snowing, and since I arrived pretty early in the morning, a lot of the snow was untouched, and looked just amazing.

I also got a new tattoo while I was there which is quite exciting.

Remember in the Summer I told you the love of my life, my dog Ash died?

Well a few weeks earlier I had seen the words ash is loved spray painted on a wall in Liverpool, and I was just like, I have to get that as a tattoo!

So when in Brooklyn, do as the Br... Only messing.

So I got ash is loved on my right rib. It's so tiny; I'd say, an inch and a half and it's by far my favourite tattoo of mine as yet.

I bought quite a few lovely things while I was there, including the Alexander Wang Donna Hobo which is sick.

I also managed to spend about $150 in Juicy Couture. If you are ever wondering what the name of my Blog means, well that's it right there; me buying into Juicy - that is Ironic Fashion.

I will try and put some more photos up soon. I just got a nasty little message from Flickr saying that I had reached my upload limit for the month. Maybe I will have to coax my Photobucket account back to life.

For now, I think that this post is long enough.

I will leave you with a pretty wall which unsurprisingly caught my little eyes in Brooklyn.

Have a great week guys.



  1. I loved this post & didn't want it to end! you are so selling NYC to me!

    Your pics are fab, what kinda cam do you use?

    Hope there is more to come


  2. i felt so at home in brooklyn. amazing vintage and best mexican food xx

  3. @ ♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ Thanks Chick! It was so amazing. If you haven't been before you sooo should go! You would love it! x

  4. @Caitlin - I know right, it was my first visit to Brooklyn but hopefully I will be getting my ass into gear and moving there in the summer! Don't get me wrong, Manhattan is the most amazing place but I just lovelovelove Brooklyn. x

  5. @ ♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ sorry, the camera is a Canon 450D. I really like it, but camera snobs will probably turn their noses up! I don't know a lot about cameras! x


Much love. x

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