Wednesday, 31 March 2010

No shirt, no shoes, no service.

Below is a list of things about myself, which I seem to talk about quite a lot:

My Eyebrows,

My Epilepsy

My Blog, and

The fact I only wear black and white.

Except, HA!

Today, I am not wearing black and white!

Today my pretties, I am wearing lilac and grey!

The whole black and white thing started off as a little experiment to see how long I could sustain this monochromatic wardrobe.


For FOUR MONTHS I have only worn black and white.

(That is excluding lounge-wear; American Apparel hoodies round the house, etc.)

I don't think I'm completely out of it, but this is the first step to incorporating a bit of life back into my style.

I, and I presume everybody around me for that matter, are getting bored of various styles of white t-shirts, and black leather leggings.

So today, I am wearing a lilac and grey silk t-shirt from Topshop, which I bought in October last year.

It is cute, and the colours are fairly neutral which I quite like.

It's been in the black and white section of my teenytiny wardrobe, but I just thought,

"Today is your day."

However, is it a little bit cheesypuffs to wear matching shirt and shoes?

Silk T-shirt - Topshop
Shoes - Vans
Chanel Beads - Canal Street Rocks

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