Thursday, 15 April 2010


21 Years ago today, one of the worst football tragedies in history took place that resulted in 96 Liverpool Football Club fans losing their lives.

At 15:06 earlier this afternoon, I listened to Liverpool Cathedral's bells chime and played back through my head any clips or footage I've seen that were recorded on 15th April 1989. 

Even if you didn't know anybody who died that day, if you are from Liverpool, you have been affected by the Hillsborough Disaster. 

Liverpool has been through some hard times, but that is what gives our City the character and strength that it is renowned for. 

Justice is what is being asked for, by the relatives of the 94 men, women and children who died on the day, and the two other boys who died at later dates.

I'm not going to say a whole lot more on the subject; I'm no expert, I just wanted to show my respect.

I've purposely not included my signature; this post isn't about me, it's for the 96.



  1. they weren't all liverpool football club fans, some where fire fighters. very poorly documented.

  2. Anonymous:
    she wasn't saying she was an expert but at the end of the day 96 people lost their lives.
    she was showing a little respect, maybe you should do the same.

  3. Regardless, they're all remembered by the city of Liverpool. So just let the girl pay her respects.

  4. ive never heard any mention of any of the 96 being firefighters and i am an expert on the subject. in fact im pretty sure there was only one ambulance let in the ground and Firefighters with cutting gear had difficulty getting into the ground, and although dozens of ambulances were dispatched, access to the pitch was delayed because police were reporting "crowd trouble".

  5. A Liverpool lass15 April 2010 at 18:13


    I am not going to wade in on any facts, as the events of that day are still highly controversial, but I will say I find it very low to in any way criticise this piece, which is quite clearly Lauren just trying to show some respect and mark what is, and has been for the past 21 years, a terrible day in the Liverpool calendar.

  6. anonymous is a tit

  7. Well said Mcbride...

  8. I was in town actually for the silence; I was so moved by seeing literally everyone and everything (even that weird carousel on Church street) stop all at once.

    YNWA... never forgotten.

  9. It's Liverpool, innit.

    For stuff like that, we come together as one. x


Much love. x

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