Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Write Up Write Up

Here's the write up to the photos below. 

It’s a hard knock life when you’re a wannabe California kid, who is stuck in Liverpool for at least the next two years, when all you want to do is move away, open up a street-wear store, and generally get out of this working class, yet amazingly cultured city.

I first met Adam about two years ago now, through friends who work on Liverpool’s answer to Carnaby, Bold Street.

He was part of the Size? crew, a cheeky but charming 18 year-old ready to grow and learn all about the street-wear styles of Liverpool.

From Ralph Lauren Prep, he morphed into an enthusiastic yet half-arsed skater, adopting niche brands as Obey, Stussy and Supreme into his wardrobe, along with a multitude of styles of footwear.

With a taste in music to rival that of a… now let me think of a PC term for this, an intern at Roc-A-Fella, there’s no doubting that he gains inspiration from Hip-Hop and rap music.

Well I know that anyway, because I’ve seen his iTunes, and you will see the likes of Kanye West, Common and early Jay-Z, with Reasonable Doubt being his most talked about and most overplayed album of the moment.

His style still casts a vague shadow of the All American Prep, by drafting in RL Oxford shirts, but wearing them with 501s and a pair of Nike Blazers, combining skating with a heritage brand and blending it with a pair of functional pants.

He’s a smart kid, with a lot of dreams.

Studying Urban Design, he likes to think of himself as a City Boy, ready to finish his education and move onto bigger things.

Why did I choose him to document?

Well for one reason, his t-shirt collection is second to none.

In my eyes, a statement t-shirt can be the glue that holds an outfit together.

I want to see a decent t-shirt on a boy, that catches my attention and then makes me check out his shoes, then check out his face to see if he deserves eye contact.

Check out Adam’s Blog at www.returnofthemac.wordpress.com


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