Friday, 18 June 2010


Hiya Guys.

I've got a feeling this might be a bit of a wordy post, and y'all know I'm not into that.

About six months ago, somebody said to me, why don't you turn your Blog address into a .com, to make it look more professional.

To begin with, I was a bit like, well who am I to be a .com, it's just a little Blog; in the Blogosphere, I am a nobody.

I wasn't sure if it would make me look like I thought that I was something more than I'm not.


Basically I actually got to thinking about losing the blogspot and turning into a semi-fully-fledged (not probably actually possible) .com

I've been thinking and thinking, and I've made the conscious decision to buy the domain,

(If you have just clicked on the link, you will see that it isn't available yet - I'm not the geek I thought I was, I may know what HTML stands for when the question comes up in the pub quiz, but when CNAMES and Domain CNS' start getting thrown at me, I have to bail.)

So pretty soon, when one of my Blogger friends decides to help a sister out, will be semi-obsolete; the link will still work but you will automatically be re-directed through to

I've changed the website address, because I guess it makes more sense, but I will be sad to wave goodbye to LSB, which by the way is the name of a street in Liverpool, which I used to go past on the 80A bus route, and I always wanted to use it for something, with it tying in with McBride.

So yeah guys, that's all.

Not an overly exciting post, but the Blog was missing words so here's enough for now.


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