Sunday, 13 June 2010

Rain on my parade.

What's going on guys?

Things have been pretty quiet on the IRONIC FASHION front of recent times; I've got the usual excuse of having other work to do. 

I've been grafting at every single job under the sun over the past few weeks; you name it, I've probably done it.

Sadly, the Blog, which happens to be the main thing I care about, has been left to go stale.

I'm going to try and revive it over the next few days, starting...


Today the rain came.

It poured.

For hours.

The good thing about the rain?

I get to whip my adidas cagoule out.

(I've just realised I love how geeky the word cagoule is.)

I bought it some four years ago during my first year of university, from a little vintage sportswear store in the Northern Quarter in Manchester.

It's weird but when I wear it, I feel like it kind of gives me a bit of a Manc, mad-for-it attitude, so it's important not to wear it for a long time, otherwise I'd lose my roots, youknow?

We've had some good times; It comes with me to Creamfields, I've slept in it after a bit of an impromtu road-trip to Leeds, and generally, it literally has had my back whenever the rain has come out to play.

I love this little cagoule, even though the material kind of makes you feel like you are wearing a bin bag.

Sorry about the pure emo/myspace picture; I'm not a massive fan of doing my own proper outfit posts.

What are your wet-weather-gear fashion must haves?



  1. thats true 'Return of the Mac' i can't say the same as i wear a cagoule almost daily, come rain or shine! :D

  2. You see, it's not so chic for us chicks to wear cagoules, so it's pretty special when I whack this one on. x

  3. Cagoules are great and so, so underrated. You look beautiful in your Adidas Cagoule. Shame they don't make them any longer...! A real classic..


Much love. x

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