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Scouse As You Like - Liverpool Girls.

Liverpool girls.

Where to begin.

From an outsider's perspective, they are a bit of a phenomenon; people can't really grasp what the thinking is behind them and their style, and from a pretty like, not ignorant, but maybe, unknowing view, there is a lot more to your Scouse Chick's style than meets the eye.

Way back when, when I decided to run this series of "Scouse As You Like" posts, (when I had a bit of a deluded idea that I would be able to do one post a week on this subject,) I devised a provisional list of female Scouse style tribes.

These were:

Wannabe Wags
Indie Chicks, and
Old Money.

Out of these styles, it is the Wags who get the most column inches; it is what Liverpool style is known for. 

I think I read in the Daily Express or something that out of all the World Cup Wags our little Coleen and Alex got the "top-ranking" Wags respectively, make of that what you will; these girls have a huge influence over the wardrobes of girls all over the country, as well as the rest of the Wags, obvzies.

I think they are probably the most interesting to talk about, so here goes. 

Literally though, it is like, where do you begin; do you start with the wardrobe? Hair? Make-Up? Day-time dressing? Night-time dressing? 

Maybe to begin with, we should talk about the trends that are reported in the news about us. 

I say us, I'm not your typical Scouse girl, but I am Scouse like. 

Trend 1 - Pyjamas. 
In my eyes, this "trend" is a bit of a dated one, but it still gets dragged up, (similarly to the boys trend of Lacoste tracksuits.)


This was probably first reported about, at least, 12 years ago. 

Now, it's a bit like, GET. OVER. IT. 

Girls were reportedly leaving the house in their pyjamas, and going about their daily routine. 

I think at the time, it was a bit like, do they get out of bed and go straight out, or do they put a clean set on?

In my experience of friends who did this, they would get showered, do their hair and make up and put a fresh pair of pyjamas on. 

I mean, they might be going out in their pyjamas, but they're not mings; they care about the rest of their appearance. 

I by the way, never did this. 

I think my Mum was a bit like, "Lauren, I don't send you to private school to go out wearing pyjamas," and at the end of the day, as much as we deny it, Mums do always know best, and luckily, because of her, I never went out wearing pyjamas. 

Trend 2 - Rollers. 
This trend seemed to pop out of nowhere about two years ago; girls had a new-found-freedom of being able to go and get their hair-did and continue the rest of their day with a head full of rollers, and they embraced that freedom.

Fair enough. 

I think it was Coleen who was spotted going from the hairdressers to the car with her rollers, post curly-blow, and from then on, it was officially acceptable. 

Everyday, in Liverpool, well, more-so towards the weekend, you are guaranteed to see girls with rollers in, ready for her night out.

I've experimented with this once. 

I had my hair done, full head of rollers; smaller ones at the front, thicker ones at the back, y'all know how it goes, and went from my house, to a friend's who lived in town, partly because I needed a bit of volume, but mainly as an experiment, to see how I felt.

I honestly got a bit of a kick out of feeling like a proper Scouse Chick. 

I can see the attraction; girls will get attention from people, good or bad. 

Girls might be a bit envious because they know that the chick with a head full of rollers will have fabulously bouncy hair, and the boys will be intrigued and he might have a little glance over because, well she's got a head full of rollers, ergo, puts the effort in, ergo, potentially fit. 

Trend 3 - Tan.
As much as I've defended, and attempted to justify the above two trends, this one is pretty much out of my control.

It is pretty hard to deny that Liverpool Girls do love to have a bit of colour. 

Be it via sun beds, fake tan, or Marbella, we do most definitely prefer a tan to the pale look.

However we have a contradictory case study here; Nicola Roberts. 

Scouse, yet pale. 

A revolutionary tale of a girl who, after years of aimless fake-tanning, decided to ditch the St. Tropez, and embrace her pale skin. 

Let's be honest; she looks amazing. 

So we like Nicola Roberts. 

I, being a natural red-head, not ginger, (completely different thing; I actually detest that word, it's hard for me to type those letters, but whatevz,) I am blessed with rather freckly skin.

Not like, overwhelmingly freckly, but like, in my eyes, quite a nice amount. 

I like my fake tan. I'm not going to lie. 

Not pure, OTT, but I do like apply fake tan every other day. 

And like I keep trying to reiterate, I'm not your typical Scouse chick. 

I'm not into pale and freckly; not a good look for me. 

So anyway, kinda digressed a bit there, not sure where I was going with that. 

Anyway, so I just asked my BFF, what is it about fake-tan, why do we feel the need to use it? 

She goes, "It's boss."

Not exactly the inspiring answer I was after, yet, indirectly, pretty clever, with boss being the operative word. 

I feel like I haven't covered too much ground here; but in-between-other-things, it's taken me like an hour and a half. 

I'm not going to include any pictures because the ones in the press don't do girls justice, it would be nice to get some street-style photos of these girls. 


I'll add more to this, but for now, I got stuff to do yo. 

Much love. 

P.S If you are in Liverpool today, get yourself to Africa Oye, a lovely little festival in Sefton Park. 



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