Saturday, 31 July 2010

Amsterdam July 2010


La Vie en Rouge - Jalouse Magazine

I've only been lucky enough to buy Jalouse magazine two or three times - I buy it when I visit my Dad in France, or when I can remember if I ever happen to visit Paris.

Last week when I was in Amsterdam I spotted it in a newsagents and was delighted when I saw it was only €3.

I was even more delighted when I realised that the whole issue is basically dedicated to red hair, and features the amazing Karen Elson.

I've snapped away and taken some of my favourite pics from the issue featuring red hair.


So much so, all of this has made me want to dye my hair back red. 

Anybody got any tips!?


Sunday, 25 July 2010

Modern Love

Hiya Guys, good weekend?

I've had a pretty chilled one, which has made a change, and it has been rather lovely.

Tonight I'm showing some love for new brand from Liverpool, called Modern Love

In the pictures below, we've got Eugene from Style Transition showing us how it's done and I've also included a picture of me wearing my t-shirt which was given to me by the designer, Matt Moore (I think it was a dud t-shirt, hence the freebie, but all is good when it's free.) 

The boy is doing pretty well; his first stockist was Liberty!

You can also buy the t-shirts from Kirsty Doyle, and they are all priced at £45.

Check out the website for the rest of the collection at

Going to Amsterdam tomorrow to hopefully try and find a place to live while I'm doing my Internship.


Also, guys, a big HELLO to all my new followers - there have been a fair few in the past week or so, so say Hi! Talk to me!

T-shirt - Modern Love
Necklaces - My Granny's locket, Juicy Couture and asos


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Shop Girl To Stylist via Style Bubble

This is just a quick post, linking you to Susie at Style Bubble who was one of the girls on the panel at the Elle Magazine Shop Girl to Stylist competition.

That was a nice surprise, her sitting there at the table as I sat down; it didn't make me feel nervous at all..

She kindly documented the afternoon, snap snap snapping away at us all, and if you click the link, you will see all of our presentations.

Anyway, this is the link to her post, the pics are not the best of me, obvzies, and also, I can honestly say, I did not, and would never use the word "ace" apart from in the question, "Is Ace high or low?" and well, we all know the answer is low.

Also, Susie has kindly linked me in the post, which is pretty amaze of her.

I am not holding out a strong hope; but I am settling with the knowledge that I made it to the top 25 out of around 450 entrants.

It's all good in the hood.

Oh and did I mention I think I'm moving to Amsterdam in September?


Friday, 16 July 2010

Bachelor of Science, Bitchez.


H+M Autumn/Winter 2010

Y'all know I shop so much in H+M I should be sponsored by them.

Just three of my fave looks; y'all know I'm a three-pic-chick. 


Acne Store Opening

Up there with Alexander Wang, Acne is one of those brands I lust after.

I love the whole vibe of the brand, from the choice of models, the actual clothing, to the styling; I can even tolerate the name.

Acne launched it's first British store yesterday in London, on Dover Street.

Have a look at the pictures from Hypebeast and dream of the sartorial treasures inside.

Looks good, yah?

I'm off to London on Monday to take part in the ELLE Magazine competition, so I may well pop in and have a little looksy!

Sorry I've been quiet on the Blogging front of recent times; graduation, editing Select magazine, working in the shop and the bar are all to blame. 

Much love. 


Tuesday, 6 July 2010


So a couple of weeks ago, I got asked to do an interview for QYPE.

Boom, here it is.

Qype: Can you tell Qypers who you are and what you do?
Lauren: I’m Lauren and I have just graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, where I studied International Fashion Marketing, BSc. Hons.
I am also a bit of a social-networking maniac, setting up online media for all sorts of different companies, and I am the editor of Select Magazine, which is a publication for Liverpool and the surrounding area. I think the reason I am here though is because of my Blog, IRONIC FASHION.

Qype: What prompted you to start your blog, and what elements do you think have contributed to it becoming so popular?
L: I started the Blog after reading other fashion Blogs, and wanted to see what the hype was. It is the best thing I have ever done. I’m not sure why the Blog has done as well as it has; I question that all the time. I don’t fluff the Blog up with long words to confuse anybody and I’m quite particular with what images I put on it. I’m just a (not-so-typical) Scouse girl who knows what she likes and knows how to talk in a way people will understand! Nice and simple!

Qype: Who’s your fashion icon?
L: I’ve got a few fashion icons; most of my best friends are boys, so because of them, my style has a slightly masculine edge to it. I remember reading an article about the Ronson sisters about five years ago in Elle magazine, and I loved how Samantha dressed; t-shirts, trainers and slim jeans so she has been my ultimate style icon for about five years. I love Leigh Lezark, and that New York kind of vibe she has going on, and Chloe Sevigny always looks good, and the Olsen twins are amaze; I’d love to look in their wardrobes.

Qype: Who was your favourite designer at this year’s London Fashion Week?
L: I liked Mark Fast’s collection, he caused a bit of chaos didn’t he, using the “plus-size” models to stir up a little trouble. It worked in his favour though; everybody knows who he is now don’t they! Did Alexander Wang show at LFW? He is my favefavefave designer ever.

Qype: What are your favourite places in Liverpool to visit when you want a new outfit?
L: It depends what you are after – our high street is amazing now we have Liverpool One, so you have such a good selection of stores there. I never leave H&M empty handed; I should be sponsored by them I buy so much from there. Then designer wise, you’ve got Flannels, and Cricket, and if you want female bespoke tailoring you must must must go to see Kirsty Doyle who won Project Catwalk, her store is amazing.

Qype: What’s the most under-rated place in Liverpool, in your opinion? And the most over-rated?
L: Hmm.. that is tricky! I could get a bit personal about some bars which could go in the “most over-rated” column, but I don’t like writing negative things about anybody (karma!) Under-rated would probably be Santa Chupitos, which is new little bar with a downtown New York vibe to it; they do incredible cocktails, like the $5 Shake, or the Bubble Gum Sour. Plus the guys who work behind the bar are v. cute – always a plus.

Qype: One interesting fact Qypers might not know about Liverpool?
L: Toxteth’s Princes Park was one of the models that Central Park was based on!

Qype: We’re in Liverpool for one day – what would we be mad to miss?
L: Right, so start off early, have a walk through Sefton Park, then walk down Lark Lane and get some breakfast. Grab a cab into town, get out at the top of Bold Street and walk through town. Get some afternoon lunch in Tokyou noodle bar, then in the evening, head over to the Albert Dock and have a some cocktails in the circus-themedCirco, then come back in to town and hit Seel Street - Heebie JeebiesLa’go and Santa Chupitos, which is just round the corner on Parr Street.

This is the direct link to the interview, and this is the link to the QYPE community page, which features lots of lovely Blogger interviews!



This week I have mostly been wearing.. Part deux

Necklace - asos
T-shirt - Zara (Not sure who Beardy-Man is though)
Micro Mesh T-shirt - American Apparel
Harem Pants - Topshop
Belt - Moschino via ebay
Shoes - Vans via my darling Brother!


This week I have mostly been wearing.. Part one

I say this week like; I only got the trainees on Sunday, and the pants on Friday.
Shirt - H&M
Belt - Moschino via ebizzle. 
Harem Pants - Topshop
Shoes - Nike Air Max 1

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