Monday, 2 August 2010

Quick Post - This Is Social Media by Guy Clapperton.

This isn't a book review, just a little musing I've had.

Two weeks ago, I ordered Guy Clapperton's book, "This is Social Media - tweet, blog, link and post your way to business success"

I received it this morning, and started to read it while I was waiting for my cup of tea to brew, and needless to say, this morning I had a pretty strong cup of tea.

So I tweeted @GuyClapperton saying I'd received the book and wasn't going to be able to tick much off my to-do list today.

He only went and replied!

This literally is social media.

I've tweeted, had a re-tweet, and now I'm doing a Blog post.

Like, who would have thought you could directly speak to the author of a book just minutes after it popped through your letter box.


Have a good day guys!



  1. Just as long as he doesn't go posting on your blog - that would probably count as stalking.

  2. Haha and I just thought, I'm on a Liverpool Blogs Link Roll, so the post title will show up on that Blog, and it is linked to a twitter feed which will no doubt get re-tweeted by myself.. (I'm narcissistic in that way)
    Amazing. If you add me on Facebook, that will probably count as stalking!

  3. haha. This is absolutely brilliant!!!

  4. Oh my! Ive just found your blog, like. its awesome I love how you use scouse dialect totally reminds me of home whilst im away at art school DAAAWN SAWTH.

    ps i like the word boss, but my southern mates reckon its not an adjective an I get severly confused looks lol.

  5. Hey haha glad you like the Blog!

    Boss is defo an adjective! An adjective is a describing word, yeh?

    Hope you're getting on ok daan sarf!

    Lauren xx

  6. omg this is ace haha.

    love the blog and your style! i think you definatly have the best collection of t-shirts!! :D following xxx


Much love. x

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