Saturday, 30 October 2010

Ben-G Party

So last night I managed to get an invite to the launch of the Ben-G x Nike SB Blazer, to celebrate the store being around for five years.

The party was DOPE. It was the best night out I've had in a long time.

Big love to my girl Zita who got me the ticket, we had such a good night.

I hung up my dancing shoes at about half two, and went to the coat check to pick up my jacket, and got handed a takeaway bag. 

So the invite was a kinder-egg, and the goody bag was a Chinese take-away, with noodles, a fortune cookie and a t-shirt.


I would have taken a photo of the fortune cookie, but I got a little bit peckish on my way home.

Also, wearing my brand new shoes to such an event wasn't the best idea. 

They got a little bit mucky, but hopefully it's nothing a dry brush can't sort out.


Friday, 29 October 2010

Two Friday Photos

The top picture is a set of Dutch stamps. Underneath each letter are raised dots to represent each letter in Braille. You can just about see the Braille, but I think I'd have to brush up on my photography skills to get a better picture.

The second picture are of some roses my Mum bought me.

What a babe.

Have a nice Friday homies.


Dayymm Fooiine

Burberry Shearling Lined Ankle Boots.



Thursday, 28 October 2010

My only purchase in Stockholm.

I got something else while I was there which I'll be doing a proper post about too.

Have you all had a good week?

I am absolutely GOOSED.

I didn't see much of Stockholm, but what I did see was amazing.

Definitely want to spend a little bit more time there.

Peace, x

Solve a debate here for me guys.

My Mum just read this, and went 
"Erm, do you know what goosed actually means?"
Me "Yeah, tired."
Mum "Erm.. No it doesn't - look it up."

Mrs. Guttermind doesn't realise that in Scouse this means absolutely knackered, as well as it having other connotations.. 


Saturday, 23 October 2010

I don't have an iPad

But if I did, I'd probably go about trying to find a way to buy one of these.

Louis Vuitton 
Yves Saint Laurent 

I think the Louis one is the most pimp, but the YSL one would be my first choice; it's pretty slick.


Monday, 18 October 2010

Black Bum-Bags and Skulls

Vivienne Westwood Black Jacket
Balmain Leather Pants
Comme des Garcons T-Shirt
Alexander McQueen Ring
Mini Market Space Boots
Alexander Wang Bum Bag - or Fanny Pack - depends where you're reading this from


Thursday, 14 October 2010


Just scrolled down to see I've passed the 70,000 views bench mark.

Damn, how did that happen?

I know some blogs get like, 70,000 a day, but for me, this little tiny blog getting over 70,000 views, is like, crazy insane.

Muchas Gracias.


Oldies, but Goodies


wd jm


Thursday Chitter Chat

Hey guys,

It's been a good few days since I last posted; I think it was Sunday I believe.. Naughty Lo.

Anyway, just thought I'd give you a little catch up with what's been going down.

Last Saturday, like most Saturdays here I suppose, I hit Waterlooplein Market, which is like a ten minute walk from my flat.

There's a lot of bike stuff, hippy shit and a lot dirty old clothes to look through, but I picked up a pair of Air Force 1s for 7euro and a Ralph Lauren shirt for 3.

The shoes were completely battered - no laces, and no inner soles - you'd be surprised how much difference innersoles actually make.

Anyway, I cleaned them up, got some Mr Muscle bathroom cleaner and put new laces in.

They are still in a mess, but a wearable mess.

I've proper never been into AF1s, but my eyes have opened up a lot recently, and now, I actually kinda love these shoes.

My wardrobe is pretty uninspiring at the moment, ergo, no outfit posts of any kind.

At all.

I was walking through town yesterday, and I stumbled into this store on the Kalverstraat called Monki.

I'm not sure what made me go in, but it was literally ah-may-zing; I'll defo be spending a little bit of cash money in there when I get paid.

Am I just a naive expat who doesn't know better, or is this shop actually boss? Any Dutch readers, please let me know!

In other news..

The Elle ShopGirl to Stylist final has been pushed back to November now, so I wont be in London for a couple of weeks. Gives me a little bit of time to buy some new clothes to pretend I can look like I might actually know what I'm doing.

Oh and I finally saw my picture in ELLE magazine. It was only a quick read because I was sneakily reading it in a little bookshop - ELLEUK over here is like 7euros to buy.

Also, a fashion company called Outlaw Freelancers, who are based in Amsterdam contacted me yesterday telling me about the launch of their first collection.

I'm going to be meeting up with the guys from the company which is pretty exciting - I'll keep you all updated with that, but in the meantime, check out the website

Also, I went to see The Netherlands play Sweden on Tuesday night, and the NL won 4-1!


Bloede Oranje!

Ah also, sad times, my Dad was meant to be coming to stay with me for a few days but TGV are on  strike so he can't get the train from Paris to Amsterdam. Come on TGV, sort it out please.

Proper gutted.

Anyway, I bid you goodnight and I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of my smashed up Air Force 1s.

Proper smashin' it.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

When My Granny Went To Market, She Bought..

Not really.

When I go shopping after I get paid, I plan on buying...

Full Up And Eating "Hamburger" Lunch Club T-Shirt
Happy Socks
Nike Blazer Vintage

P.S Pure messy post.


Saturday, 9 October 2010

Black Riding Boots - Reader Request

Earlier this week I received an email from a lovely girl called Emily, telling me she'd been following the blog, but she also asked if I could help her out with her Christmas Day outfit.

All she knew about her outfit was that she was going to be wearing black riding boots, so I said I'd put a couple of different looks together for her.

Obviously, nobody in their right mind would spend however much these outfits add up to for one day, but I said in an interview recently, I plan outfits pretending I've got the highest budget in the world, then when it comes to putting the outfit together, I know exactly what I want, and know what I'm going to look for when I go to buy it.

Some of these dont seem overly festive, but it's just to show how I'd wear the boots.

Hussein Chalayan Printed Dress
Herve Leger Bandage Pants
Ann Demeulemeester Boots
McQueen Ring
Nars Nail Polish
Shiseido Matte Red Lipstick
Diane Von Furstenburg Clutch

Kara Ross Ring
Acne Jeans
Fendi Blouse (OMFG how nice?)
See by Chloe Bag
Asos Earrings
Boots as before

Adam Cable Knit Wool Jumper
Proenza Schouler Satchel
Laina's Stacking Bracelets
Helmut Lang Trousers
Kendra Scott Necklace
Boots as before

If anybody else wants me to do anything like this for them, please just let me know!


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

200 Followers and New Shoes!

Firstly, WOOP 200 followers!

I remember having 63, and feeling like I'd hit a wall, as if I'd been at that number for aaaaages.

Thanks guys!

Secondly, I bought these shoes today. 

They're proper not my thing really; I went into the shop thinking I was going to get a pair of Blazers or these pretty sweet Air Maxims I've seen. 

But as I was leaving, these caught my eye, so I tried them on, and lo-and-behold, I love love loved them.

That is all.


Elle Shop Girl to Stylist...

So last week, I was in a meeting and I got a missed call from a London dialling code which I didn't recognise, so after the meeting, I Googled it, and it came up as being for Talk PR, who were representing Elle for the Shop Girl to Stylist contest.

Arabella was the girl who called me and left me a voicemail asking me to call her back, so I thought, here was my "sorry but no" phone call, you all knew how certain I was I hadn't made it through to the next round compared to how amazing the girls were who I "auditioned" with; my presentation was nothing on theirs.

Anyway, so you can imagine my surprise, when they said, "I'm calling to congratulate you, you've made it through to the next stage; you're in the top 10."

Say what now?

How it's possible, I have no-eye-deer.

Plus, apparently, well not, apparently, I am, in the current November issue of Elle UK.

However, I'm in NL, which is obvzies not UK.

It's not nice other people seeing these things before me!

Anyway, I've been TwitPicc'd a picture of the page, by my good friend Clare Rogerson (@ClareRogerson,) who has a subscription to the magazine.

So, I'll be making a fly in visit to London in two weeks, flying on the Tuesday night, and leaving Wednesday evening, which should be pretty hectic, but unbelievably exciting!


I'm so happy you guys!

Much love,

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