Monday, 29 November 2010

Nike x Stussy

I'd probably get these.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Most Versatile Blogger Award Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Joanne from <3 Music, Fashion, Clutter<3 with the Most Versatile Blogger award!

You have to check her blog out; she's an absolute babe, and she loves Liverpool!

So, the tag means you have to write seven things about yourself, so true to form, here is seven things about me.

1) I live in Amsterdam but I'm from Liverpool, hence the title Scouse/Dutch Fashion Dust. I moved here in September to start a new job. The job is amazing; everyday I think, "How on earth did I get here?" I've not explored Amsterdam enough yet to have a credible point of view; but what I know of it so far, I like it. It's an extremely beautiful city, but it ain't got sh't on the L.I.V.

2) Paul McCartney.
Get me?

3)  I've got three tattoos. The first one I got says Flau Flau which is the name my Granny used to call me when I was younger, as in Flower, but I'm not going to go and get Flow Flow written across my wrist am I? The second says Solace in the comfort of Music which is a line from a song that my brother wrote, and I've got that down my right foot. My final tattoo says ash is loved and it's dedicated to my dog that died last year. A week or so after he died, I saw those words spray painted across a wall in town, and it stuck in my mind. It's on my ribs, and is super duper tiny, and not a lot of people have seen it. I think I'm going to man-up a bit and get a bigger one, potentially an old-school heart with a ribbon through it, saying Happy Valentine's Day because my Mum's birthday is 14th February. Gettit?

4) I'm running out of things to say already. I started this blog in February 2009 and it's probably the best thing I've ever done. It has shaped and changed my life, and it's amazing what a blog can do for you. You only get out what you put in, so you gotta work on it, but it's worth the effort.

5) My biggest regret in life is not being left handed.

6) My favourite number is 7.

7) I got diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was 19 and it was an extremely big shock for me and my family. It took time adjusting to having it, but luckily it's under control and I haven't had a fit for two years. It's weird going from only knowing little bits about something, to it being one of the biggest overriding factors in my life. It's been hard, but now I wouldn't change having it. It's part of who I am, and obviously it was meant to be.

That took me so long to think of stuff! Congratulations if you read through it all!

I'm off to discuss all things weird with James from StyleNoir ;D


Hair Rut.

For a year now, I have had the same hair-do, day-in-day-out, and it's boring me to tears.

I love a good top knot, but I'm contemplating getting a straight fringe cut in, so I've been looking at the following pictures to give me a bit of inspiration.

I've also been looking through tutorials on YouTube on "How to cut your own bangs" then ended up being a bit sick in my mouth watching Emo kids make tutorials on "How to do Scene Hair."


I'm also loving Hannah Marshall's hair, but I'm really torn because I don't know if I'd suit it that short.. Hmm.

Oh and all these pictures are from The Cobra Snake so Mark if you don't want them up here just give me a shout and I'll take them down.


Friday, 26 November 2010

Today in photos.

From the top, people.

Two guys kicking up a storm near Waterlooplein on an accordian and a sax.

Two new pairs of Happy Socks I bought from Precinct Five. Bought one pair in the wrong size, so maybe a special guy in my life might be getting a pair of Happy Socks for Christmas. 

I swear down that these make your feet happy, which makes your body happy, which makes your mind happy. 

Again, another pic taken near Waterlooplein. 

And finalement, my Stussy earrings broke yesterday, so I've been thinking about fashioning it into a necklace, however I've been finding it difficult attaching them. Hmm. 

Gold Solder anybody?


Thursday, 25 November 2010

Outlaw Freelancers Union Made Bell Vest

I don't know why it's taken me so long to get around to posting this!

I told you a couple of weeks ago I'd been speaking to the guys from Outlaw Freelancers, who are a clothing company based in Amsterdam.

I was given a t-shirt to promote their latest line, and I think it's pretty schweeet.

Pretty simple accessories - my rings are from H+M, Vivienne Westwood and Topshop and my necklace is Juicy Couture, bitch.

I also had to include a picture of my new shoes.

I bought Creepers. 

Yes that's right; Creepers. 

Would you believe it? I love them a bit, but I don't think many people will. 


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Speaking of M.I.A

Juergen Teller x Marc Jacobs Skatedecks.

I'll stop ripping stuff off Hypebeast soon, I promise.

Pinkie Swear.


Tuesday, 23 November 2010


My head's up my arse a little bit - I'll be back soon, pinkie swear.


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I Just Robbed This.

Well I am from Liverpool.


Your name 
Lauren Jane McBride

Whats your favorite color? 

What are your favorites stores to shop at? 
H+M, eBay and markets 

What is your favorite clothing item to shop for? 
Shoes. You can wear as many items of clothes as you like in one outfit, but you can only wear one pair of shoes. You have to make sure you make the right choice when it comes to footwear.

What are your obsessions? 
My eyebrows.

What do you collect? 
Found playing cards and snow globes.

Who inspires you and why 
Style wise, since I was about 16 I've always sought inspiration from Samantha Ronson; I loved her casual yet styled appearance. Trainers and t-shirts. Random but true. 

Who do you want to become? 
Erm, random question. I want to stay me.

What is your favorite thing to shop for? 
Make up and Food. 

What is your favorite perfume? 
Chanel Chance. I've been wearing it for years. 

Heels or sneakers? 
Ha. Well I wear trainers everyday because of the company I work for, but for me, the higher the better is the rule with heels. Don't bother with anything under six inches.

Your favorite magazine? 

Do you have any hobbies? 
I like taking pictures and I like blogging. 

Say one thing what not a lot of people know about you 
I'm an Epileptic. Oh no sorry, I've got Epilepsy. It's supposedly non-PC to say you're an Epileptic. Tomato/Tomato innit. 

What is your style? 
I'd like to think it's minimalist; not too many bells and whistles. No need for over-accessorizing; for me, smaller pieces make more of a stand-point.


Sunday, 14 November 2010

Outlaw Freelancers.. Keeping It Dutch.

It's common knowledge that fashion and beauty bloggers get contacted by companies to let them know about upcoming products, promotions or events.

I get contacted every so often by different companies, to see if I'd like to be involved with their brand in some way, whether it being a giveaway, a review, or general endorsement of a product - you know how it goes girls.

For me to get on board with a company, I have to truly believe in them. I'm not being rude, but if I get asked to hold a giveaway on my blog for a food blender, I'm probably going to say no. I'm not going to hold a giveaway to get more followers to win something that doesn't overly correlate with the essence of the blog; if people want to follow me, they should do it because they want to, not so they have the opportunity to make soups with the latest culinary technology.

A few weeks after I moved to the land of clogs (SATC ref right thur) I was contacted by a streetwear company based in Amsterdam, called Outlaw Freelancers.

I checked out the site and the press release that was included in the email, and I was genuinely excited about this brand.

I met up with Alisa who works for Outlaw Freelancers, at their studio in Amsterdam a few days ago, to learn a little bit more about the brand.

While I was there, I couldn't help but snap away at the amazing interior of the studio. I love going to personal spaces like this and seeing how people make them their own, to reflect themselves.

I was also given a lil sumin' sumin' by the guys there, so I'll definitely take a couple of photos of it, maybe later today.

I also found this video by them, so ch-check it out. 



Do y'all know Style Noir?

I do.

It's a pretty dope site that stands out in this ever-growing, multi-platform world of online fashion broadcasting, giving us interviews, news, and street-style in an urban-goth-chic kind of interface, kindly straying away from that boring vintagey-yellowey-greeny style imagery that seems to be dominating this world at the moment, especially on fashion blogs.

I've got a lot of love for these guys; we've been speaking for a while now, and they're definitely somebody who I'd like to keep in touch with.

The magazine decided to launch their first fashion line, just in time for Hallowe'en just gone, however, myself now living in Amsterdam, the post kinda takes a little bit longer to get to me, so last week, I  received an item of the range, but I sadly missed the official launch date.

Anyway, I was kindly sent this.

It's called "The Fear of Losing Beauty" t-shirt, and I believe it to be very cool.
In the package I was sent, they cheekily asked us to post scary photos of ourselves wearing the tee, but the scariest I could come up with was doing my own interpretation of the design of "Aggy" which is the name of the chick on the t-shirt.

So what lessons do we learn from this post? 
1 - Go and check out the StyleNoir website at
2 - Follow the lovely people on twitter on @stylenoirmag

P.S I never use this setting on PhotoBooth, but actually, it ties in really nicely with the whole vibe of this post. 


Friday, 12 November 2010

Doggy Style.

I'm a big fan of putting clothes on my dogs for comedic but cute reasons (Sorry PETA)

What do you get when you mix hype with dog clothes?

BAPE for your dog.

My favourite is probably the grey jumper but WTF is up with that dog? Is it real?

Really though, in hindsight, that dog at the top looks like a pimp.

Imagine your little Lola, or your little Coco or Ernie wearing these?



Friday, 5 November 2010

Barry M Nail Varnish...

Right, so I know I'm not exactly breaking balls and crossing new boundaries by talking about this nail varnish, but this has to be the most hyped polish on the beauty blogosphere since Chanel released Greige.

It seems that every beauty blogger I follow has written about this in the past three or four, maybe more, weeks.

I picked it up at 5:00am this morning in the Boots store at Gatwick Airport, and applied my first coat while I was waiting for a petit dejuner at Cafe Rouge, and I absolutely love it.

I applied two coats of the Hello Kitty x MAC white polish, then hastily applied the Barry M, so the effects aren't perfect, but I guess that's the beauty of the product?

Shame about my scabby old hoody hey.


ELLE ShopGirl To Stylist Final

What a crazy few days!

You all know I got into the Top 10 of the competition - I've shamefully kicked up a bit of a fuss about it on the blog.

So on Tuesday night after work, I travelled from Amsterdam to London to discover that for the next two nights I would be staying in the May Fair Hotel.


So on the day of the contest, myself and Tammy, one of the other finalists, who worked at House of Fraser in Biba, travelled to Blossom Street Studios. Bare in mind that this was the day of the tube strikes - nightmare.

Anyway, so we were split into two groups and each given a random model and rail of clothing. I was assigned a girl called Joy, who I found out came third in this season of Britain's Next Top Model..? Needless to say, she was a complete BABE.

So the theme that was set was 70s. I drew inspiration from Chloe, Michael Kors, Celine.. You know that kind of classic, sleek styled vibe? I shied away from the hippy vibe; y'all know simple styles work better for me.

The next night, we all met up again to hear the announcement at the May Fair, so a lot of photos, a lot of filming, and a lot of champagne drinking later (mainly on my boy Tony Cook's part there) the winner was declared.

The girls who were in my group were so lovely so I've got to give a big shout out to Ellie D, Ellie W, and Tammy.

Just a few photos of us playing around some garbage bags in Brick Lane.


Me and my final look - excuse the front pouch; I had my trousers on back to front all day, and I didn't even realise.

Did I mention I didn't win?

Elizabeth Black from Beyond Retro was announced the winner - she looked beautiful at the announcement - very cute.

I did however get told about a very exciting opportunity for myself, courtesy of my mentor of the event, Avril Mair. 


I just want to send a lot of love out there to all the friends I made, the lovely ladies at Talk PR, and of course, ELLE UK.


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