Monday, 28 February 2011

Look what I made!

I was snooping around some tumblrs the other day, (which btw is my new favourite thing to do, and maybe also the reason why the blog has become so stale recently.. ) and saw a picture of some of those square shape Creoles wrapped in tribal fabric and absolutely loved them.

I had a brainwave and decided to copy and make use of my minty earrings that seem to fade to black from the lovely ghetto gold they begin their tacky little life as.

I saw a snippet of fabric draped over my radiator that was from a larger piece of fabric I took to Benicassim with me three years running which a used as a top; a little risque looking back now, and needless to say the material is pretty dirty now, but it was the perfect size to use to make these little babies!

I'm not going to tell you any little tips on how the best way is to make them as they're pretty simple to do; I'm rubbish at customising stuff, plus I ripped the idea off somebody else anyway.

Apologise for the rushed photos; I'm off for a doggy play-non-date with Ernesto, @MACundefeated and my two little baby girls Coco and Lola.


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