Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My two cents on the Galliano debaucle.

I spend a lot of time on Twitter.

I prefer to refresh my Twitter feed rather than my Facebook feed. Not that I don't like to see how hungover my friends are on a Sunday morning, or How FABBBBBBB!! their ones are xxxxxx (maybe a Scouse thing), I prefer to read what people's 140 character thoughts are from across the globe, not just my limited network of the UK and Amsterdam.

Don't get me wrong; I follow a lot of sh't Twitters. Some would say Sh'tters. Nobody says that; I just made it up.

Anyway, as I happen to write a fashion blog, I follow a lot of fashion bloggers' Twitter accounts, and through one account I happened to stumble upon the link to a video which was on the S'n website. Scousers don't write the proper name of that newspaper; y'all should know why.

Again, anyway, said video happened to be John Galliano slurring, over a glass of wine in the once hyped, now infamous, La Perle Cafe.

What he said shouldn't be repeated, and it most definitely wont get written on this blog by me, even just to transcribe what his words were as he repeatedly offended a group of girls.

As he spoke, I genuinely couldn't believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. One of the most respected fashion designers in the world, praising possibly one of the most hated men to ever have existed and then to talk in such a derogatory way about human beings who happen to be of a certain faith? To me, it just doesn't make sense.

It's 2011.

How can people genuinely have this oppression towards other religions in this day and age.

For a man so creatively brilliant; a genius of his field, for him to have these thoughts, it's just something that doesn't add up. While he's laughing at the money he is making, while the wealthy buy his designs, and I'm not being funny or anything, some Jewish people tend to have quite a bit of money. Do you think he was shuddering, as he put pen to paper, to illustrate his ideas, that certain people might buy his designs?


And so, it was revealed two days ago that he had been sacked from the House of Christian Dior.

And in my opinion, and many others out there, rightfully so.

Let's face it though, he's not going to jail, and that 23 grand fine he's getting, not to use as corny line as this blog post title, but that's just spare change to him.

It's instances like this, which really shock the world to see that people still have these prejudices. It really is ridiculous.

OH! And I read he's checking his ass into rehab? What for Johnny G? That guna clear your mind of such archaic views, it guna make you see the light? Na man, don't B.S a B.Ser.

Sorry to end on a light-hearted note, but the bets are on for who his predecessor is going to be. I just wonder what the late, great Dior would think of all this.

What shame. Beautiful brand, brilliant designer, disgusting words.

Sorry for all the hate in this, I just wanted to voice my opinions.




  1. The whole thing seems really really bizarre and I think everyone would share your opinion on it, what he said or did can't be defended.

    Bhav x

  2. @Bhav - you're right, there's no going back for him from what he said. x


Much love. x

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