Tuesday, 15 March 2011

River Island Jeans Swap for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

Being a fashion blogger can be tough. The UK Fashion Blogging scene is pretty diverse and densely-populated, so it's easy to feel like a little fish in the proverbial big pond.

One of the good things about being a Liverpool-based fashion blogger, is the fact that there aren't too many Liverpool-based fashion blogs. Obviously you've got the girls over at Hoy, Eugene at Style Transition and a few other beauties floating around*, but because there aren't a lot of bloggers, we are more like bigger fishes in a small pond, and I mean that in the least narcissistic way.

Obviously now I've moved to Amsterdam, I'm an even smaller and technically shorter (the average female height here is ridiculous and I'm 5'7) fish, in an Acne wearing, European styling, luxury brand wearing, well, Canal, I suppose. That sentence is a bit of a mess sorry, so I apologise if it's as difficult to read as it was to construct.

Anyway, because I was one of the few Liverpool-based bloggers, about a month ago, I was contacted by River Island telling me about an exciting event that was going to be happening at their Church Street Store in Liverpool. They couldn't tell me too much about it - it was pretty much under wraps, so I had to politely tell them that sadly I no longer live in the Pool of Life, but I'd be more than happy to talk about it when they revealed more.

I'm not going to lie; I've not got a lot of common sense. I've got a lot of common knowledge, but I can be a proper dope at times. About two weeks ago, I saw on somebody's Facebook status, "They're giving away jeans at River Island when you bring your old ones in - amazing!" It got a lot of attention with girls saying they'd been down and seen what was going on, or that they were going to go to the store to see what all the fuss was about.

For some reason, I didn't add two and two and realise that this secret event that River were keeping under wraps was the Jeans Swap.


The lovely ladies who first contacted me got back in touch to let me know how successful the day was - over 150 girls and boys and swapped their old jeans for new pairs, donating the old ones to the charity, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

The whole concept is a bit different, you're helping out a charity, but getting something back too.

Watch this video, it actually is really good - and fair play to everybody just getting changed in the street; there's no WAY I would take my trousers off in the middle of Church Street. (Just a shame about the default image on the video)

It's campaigns like this that help generate awareness, in a light-hearted way. Girls have to be there to support each other!

For more info, check out the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer site. I think we've all been affected by Breast Cancer in some way; I know I have - the first time you find out somebody you love has it is the most horrible feeling in the world, but it's outweighed by the feeling of relief and joy you get once you learn that the person is officially in remission. 

*If you are a Liverpool Blogger, please please please leave a comment or tweet me - @LAURENMCBRIDE - I'd like to compile a list!


  1. This is amazing!! I wish i'd of known about it xx

  2. Ahh what a great idea!
    Don't know if this counts but I am a fellow Merseyside born and bred blogger (by way of Wallasey...
    Also 'Pool Of Life' - nice one, I'll remember that :) xx

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  4. great initiative!!! we can all help others. I encourage you to stop by my blog and support the Acqua for Life project via Facebook... greetings from mexico!

  5. I am a Liverpool blogger :) I live in the city centre & I adore Liverpool & fashion! So sad i didn't know about the jeans swap event! xo

  6. Yeah same here I'm a Liverpool blogger too and wish I knew about this.

  7. I am indeed a Liverpool blogger! xx

  8. There's nothing better than finding a fellow Liverpudlian blogger! :D xx



Much love. x

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