Friday, 1 April 2011


5 years ago, I turned 18. Writing those words down offends me by the fact that that was half a decade ago.

Anyway, my parents bought me a rather lovely watch, that I have worn probably 95% of the time since I got it. 

When I picked the items for my x online store, I chose a watch as one of the accessories and ever since, I've been looking at other watches as an alternative to my Tag. BTW, I've just been on the Tag Heuer website to see if I can find the exact model I have and it's an absolute ball-ache to navigate.

I haven't fallen out of love with my watch, I just feel like I'd like an alternative to pick from.

I chose a (in my opinion), boss Nixon watch, but according to my boy, Jack, Nixon is a bit Fossil-esque. I'm finding it offensive to actually use that brand name on the blog, ever since Angelina got one off Jose in Jersey Shore. That's a lie, I've always been offended by the brand; let's be honest, it's pretty sh't. 

Needless to say, Jack's opinion means a lot to me. Him, along with my beautiful Mama are usually right about anything I contest to thinking. 

Despite this, I'm still proper into the watches, and stand by my choice, so here's a few I picked from the tobi site; I'm proper DTF for them. 

Not too sure about the white one though; imagine the fake tan residue on that. Wuh. 

They're not too pricey - I think all of these are $60.

All this watch browsing got me reminiscing to a watch I was bought for getting into secondary school when I was 11. A Baby-G. White leather strap, with peuter detail. In fact, I even tweeted about it yesterday, and began my quest to find a Baby-G, or a G-Shock, either-or, either-or. 

WOAH. Just went on the Baby-G site; that site offends me as much as the Tag site - look at it if you dare. 

CBA including more photos of watches. Tomorrow I'm going to a flea market in the North of Amsterdam. It's quite far away, you have to get a freakin ferry to get there. My dream purchase? A Baby-G or G-Shock. Fingers crossed.

I'll let you know how I get on. Knowing me, I'll end up coming back with a Game Boy.

Much love guys, it's Friday!



  1. i bought my boy the 'charcoal' timeteller for christmas :) he loves it, i love it and when it doesn't wear it, it sits lovely on my wrist against my floraly urban outfitters one :D

  2. i got a nixon gold player for my 18th!

  3. I really like Nixon watches, my boyf got a Nixon from Kitson in LA last year and he is an avid watch fan. He used to sell Nixon watches actually in the Met Q in Billabong and in his words Fossil is shit. x

  4. The orange one is my favorite! i love the pop of bright orange!

  5. @Fiona - I'm really into them and I'm glad to see other people are! Charcoal sounds nice! x

  6. @gypsyjean your boyfriend is correct! haha x

  7. @The Honeyroom - I blogged about an orange watch recently - I really love them! x


Much love. x

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