Friday, 13 May 2011

Coming Soon...

If you've seen any of my tweets recently, you may well have read that IRONIC FASHION is launching an online store, to run parallel to the Blog.

Think about the things I've featured over the past couple of years, the style vibe that I try to portray; street-wear chic, a less-agressive Chola girl but still a licka-bicka Scouse, all rolled in to one red-headed fashion blog.

We're starting off with our own branded accessories, and the odd few (that was weird typing odd f and then not writing future) apparel items.

Who knows where it'll go, it's a nicer approach to selling your sh't than eBay, right?

Give me a shout if you are a brand and you'd maybe like to have a little think about us being a stockist for you - or or infact, while I'm chatting on I set up solely to promote le blog and le store. (I've only got 2 followers - sly tymz.)

Also, a little disclaimer, all of the product shots so far have been taken on PhotoBooth. Yes, that's right, that hilarious feature you use for three hours when you first get your Mac but then you soon get bored of it. Anyway, doing it that way, all the pictures are the same size, plus, I prefer to do outfit posts on here using PhotoBooth. So, consistency, me gustaaaaaa.

IF isn't launching just yet, but I thought I'd give you all a heads up!

Much love,


Much love. x

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