Monday, 20 June 2011

Hots and Nots for June

I'm going to start off with a big NOT. I'm finding it more and more difficult to find the time to blog, and I'm really missing writing - whether it's journalism or just fluffy words I write down here, or scribbles in my diary, it seems I'm having too much fun to write. Which I guess isn't a bad thing.

Ok, so now a HOT. This is a geeky/cringey hot. I have been watching countless episodes of Dawson's Creek for about three weeks now, and I have no idea why, but what's even more scary, is that I have no idea how to stop.

Another HOT, stock is coming in thick and fast for the IRONIC FASHION online store. However, Buying/Collecting/Photographing/Writing Up items is a ball ache. An enjoyable ball ache, but still a ball ache. I'm hoping I'll have the store up by mid-July, but we'll just have to see how everything goes.

NOT - The rain in Amsterdam has been hilariously bad. I nearly didn't go out on Saturday night because of it. Last week, I cycled in the rain, and got so soaked I had to cycle back home to get dry clothes to take to work. Takes le piss. But it just makes us appreciate the sun even more.

HOT - Tie-Dye and Ink Print scarves. I posted a couple of pictures of my Indian Silk Scarf which I recovered from a box in my room in Liverpool, and ever since, I've been getting a little obsessed with tie-dye scarves, and I'm not even a major accessories head. I bought two in Waterlooplein Market on Saturday, for 1 Euro each. Can't complain.

HOT - Sportswear Supper Club. Over the past six weeks or so, a group of us have each taken it in turn hosting dinner on a Wednesday night, and we all chip in cooking a delicious dinner and an even more delicious dessert. It's called the Sportswear Supper Club, because we all kinda work in Sportswear; it makes sense, yah?

Another HOT! The Chicago Social Club, in Leidseplein. It's freakin' lovely. Such a good vibe to it; we were there over the weekend, getting down to 90s Hip Hop and some naughty Noughties RnB. It was boss. That was also where we spent Queen's Night, dancing to Wix, at the Clubwork Orange. I really do like it in there - possibly my favourite place to party in Amsterdam.

A Scouse HOT! Africa Oye was this weekend, and I'm insanely jealous I couldn't go to it. The first year I went, I rolled into Sefton Park after a heavy night of dancing in Chibuku, shoelessly I might add, and then danced in the sun to African music while drinking Red Stripe. It's seriously one of the highlights of the past three Summers for me, and I hope whoever went enjoyed it.

It's the Amsterdam Roots Festival this upcoming weekend, and I'm hoping that it is going to have a similar kind of vibe. I've been spreading the word about it, but truth be told, I've no forking clue what it's going to be like. Fingers crossed for beautiful weather, beautiful sounds and beautiful people.

I really am loving life at the moment; there's nothing like cycling along the canals after work, listening to Common or Erykah Badu, or even cycling home in the morning after a night of dancing.

Amsterdam, I love you.



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