Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Toxteth Riots - Thirty Years On.

I can't talk too much about this; I don't know a lot about it at all, it's just a part of Liverpool's history I've grown up hearing about.

It's difficult to blog about this without sounding like I'm glamourising it, but you need to understand that I'm really not. You all know how I love Liverpool, but this is just a moment in our history to reflect upon. 

I just wanted to include something on the blog to do with this; I've been listening to reports on Radio Merseyside over the past couple of days, and I've been reading a lot on it; it's bizarrely fascinating.

The photo below, technically, is amazing. Like, look properly at it. It's boss. I selected a few photos, from The Guardian website but I just decided to use only one; this was the one that made the most impact on me. 

Toxteth is a beautiful area of Liverpool. Have you ever cycled down Princes Avenue on the way into town, with the warm sun breaking through the leaves of the trees? It's the most amazing feeling. A lot of shit went down there, but it's just something to look back on and to make us appreciate what we have here now - the culture, the people, the vibrancy of the neighbourhood is amazing. 

Shit happened - we know that, but things are better now. We might not be perfect, but what city is? 

Happy Wednesday, people. 

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  1. It's strange how famous they are. I lived just next to Toxteth last year and for all that was said about it, I couldn't believe how nice it actually was. A step up from some of the nicer areas of Coventry, trust me! x


Much love. x

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