Sunday, 7 August 2011

Anastasia of Beverley Hills

I'm quite skeptical about PR emails; you all know the gist, no "Hello," a copied and pasted press release, a completely generic "I like your blog and feel you fit the company" and THAT FREAKING DESIGNER UMBRELLA COMPANY THAT EMAIL ME EVERY MONTH ASKING ME TO WRITE ABOUT THEIR UMBRELLAS.

Seriously, designer umbrellas? I buy €3 brollies from the tourist shops along the Kalverstaat.

Anyway, last week I got a rather lovely email from Anastasia of Beverley Hills, telling me about their company and new products they are releasing.

One of the products they specifically mentioned was the Beauty Express Brow Kit.

Brow. Kit.

Boom; attention grabbed.

I kind of live by the rule, love me, love my eyebrows.

I visited their site, and it turns out, they actually specialize in eyebrows; Anastasia does the brows of Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox. Eyebrows are what they're known for. Hello match made in heaven.

On their website, they have 33 products specifically for eyebrows.

Thirty. Three.

I'll be getting the Brow Kit, which I'm super excited to try. I usually use a dark pencil, or a brown eyeshadow, so it'll be nice to try something a bit more fun, and something I can experiment with.

Check out their website and have a look at the extensive range of beauty products and make up they have on offer.

I'll definitely be doing a review on this, when I get the product. Have any of you tried this before? Any tips on application?


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  1. I would definitely give a brow pen a go. Pencils look too harsh on me and at the moment I use a brow powder but if I don't think it looks just right then it can take me aaages just to do them! Looking forward to the review. You actually have perfect eyebrows! x


Much love. x

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