Sunday, 28 August 2011

Little Sunday Catchup


Hope you're all well?

These past couple of weeks have been a bit chocka. I've had people visiting most weekends which has been rather nice; it's cool to show people from home where you live in your new little life, where you eat, where you drink. You feel almost proud of your new city and want to show it off; it isn't all green and red in Amsterdam contrary to popular belief.

I've got some other news. I have a new job, which is a huge relief. My internship here is due to end at the end of August, and the perfect job came up three weeks ago. Otherwise I would have been flying back on a KLM City Hopper to Liverpool, which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but it would also mean not living in Amsterdam anymore and not working where I work.

So the next few days for me consists of trawling Craigslist and Amsterdam Estate Agents to try and find myself a new abode, preferably in De Pijp or Jordaan. I'm not sure if you've looked for somewhere to live in Amsterdam before, but believe me, it aint easy. And it sure as hell aint cheap.

I'll probably have a few tears in my eyes when I have to hand the keys over to my apartment. It's so beautiful - I'll really miss it.

On a lighter note, my parents are here for the next few days, and they've brought my gorgeous little girlies to come and see me.

I'm sure you've seen them all before, but if not, here they are again. Lola on the left, Coco on the right.


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  1. FFS those dogs are the cutest thing ever!!! Congratulations on the job too! x


Much love. x

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