Sunday, 12 February 2012

RIP Whitney Houston

FYI before this goes any further, I'm not writing this post because I was the biggest fan of Whitney and I'm pure gushing over what's happened.

Don't get me wrong, she was super talented and I really did like her music but it wasn't like I was like, "Oh my days I freaking love you," but it's just a shame to lose another incredibly gifted artist to drugs.

The reason I'm doing this post is because "I Will Always Love You" kinda holds a special place in my heart, but for nothing that I was ever involved in, or actually concerns me.

My brother was eight when The Bodyguard came out; I was four. I obvz don't remember it, and actually only saw the film like, three years ago, but I (along with everybody else on the planet) have known this song forever.

The reason that the song tugs on my heart strings a little bit, is that my Mum said she used to sing this to my brother and I see it as a promise to him, from her, that for the rest of his life, no matter what happens, through le good and le bad she literally will always love him.

Dunno; it's a little heavy salad for a Sunday morning like, but it's the one thing I always think of when I hear the song.

I can imagine that Bobbles is feeling a bit guilty today, so remember kids: 

My funny Valentine.

Literally, it would be hilarious to wear all red.
Leather Rucksack - Topshop
Red lipstick - Stargazer
Red Vans
Topshop skinnies
Reiss T-shirt
Butter Nail Varnish
Can you tell I don't dress girly very often?
Valentino Dress
Chanel Bag
Rockabella Bangle (loathe the name)
Chanel Chance Perfume
Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes
Alex and Chloe Earrings
Beau Coups Hasborg Wedges
Wildfox Sweater
Play by Comme des Garçons Cologne
Balenciaga Foil Washed Leather Pants

 It's a good job I'm single; I think I'd scare boys off wearing these outfits, espesh the red traffic light one at the top. 


Saturday, 11 February 2012


I came back to Liverpool last weekend, for the weekend, but due to unforeseen Epileptic circumstances, I've had to stay here a little longer.

My mum has been on a bit of an interior decorating rampage recently and I think that our study is the next place of action, hence the smack head wallpaper-less walls, and the broom handle about to poke me in the arm pit.
My mum will probably say, "Oh Lauren why didn't you take a photo in the bathroom, or the other side of the house we've done up?" and once she reads that, she'd probably say, "Oh Lozzy don't say things like that about me on your Blog, people will think I'm narky."

For those of you who don't know my mum, she's probably the cutest babe you'll ever meet.

<3 :) My t-shirt is from Asda, my jumper and my ring are both from Matalan. Retail park shopping at its finest. Love it.

Wow. How irritating is the size difference in that bottom photo.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


This just made me ridiculously excited.

Obama: Runway to Win Collection to support Obama's campaign for 2012

Marc Jacobs T-Shirt

Jason Wu Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Dog Knit Sweater


Another outfit, another pair of Blazers.

Folk Shirt
Alexander McQueen iPhone Case
J Brand Jeans
Stussy x Schott Parka
Leather Blazers*

*These were my first pair of Blazers I ever bought. I got them in NikeTown New York when I was there for my 16th birthday. Amazing.


Another Black Outfit.

Simple Must Haves T-Shirt
Celine Bag
Black Leather Helmut Lang Jeans
Oasis Waterfall Leather Jacket
Gareth Pugh Boots

Thursday, 2 February 2012


car in my street after the tiny amount of snow we had
ass ass ass ass ass
man repeller
burnt hands (probably the freakin reason i dont blog anymore)
old pic
acne tag
me playin for west ham


times change.

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