Saturday, 3 March 2012

Instagram Saturdays

The past two weeks have been a wonderful mix of partying, working and instagramming.

The last time I fell off the Blogging wagon, I blamed it on tumblr. This time I'm placing the blame on instagram. I'm addicted to that thing. I got it when I had my 3g but could never really use it, so since I've got my 4s, I haven't stopped refreshing my feed. If you're on it yourself, follow me; ljmcb.

Here's a few piccies I've taken recently:

A heron sitting off on a Mercedes in De Pijp and some insanely good USA themed cupcakes at a going away party.

This is my fave thing to do on my way to work in the morning. The inside of the subway cars are all individually designed and I freaking love them.

Details on the new Netherlands Away shirt and a couple of shots of the Allen Voor Een party (see below post)

The view from my terrace last Saturday morning (defo doesn't look like that now) and my latest drawing on our kitchen wall. It's supposed to be a Peacock feather. Hmm.. 


Allen Voor Een at Cafe Cox

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Precinct 5 and I got asked to get my photo taken wearing the new Netherlands away shirt and an NSW Destroyer. Of course I said yes, but at the time I wasn't exactly sure why.

Later that week, I was emailed the photo, along with a note saying to RSVP to a party and pick up the jacket and shirt I had been wearing in the photo. I didn't know what my photo was being used for, let alone there being a party and a new Destroyer and NL shirt.

This was my photo and to begin with, I loathed it; like I was genuinely devoed, but now I've kinda warmed to it, even though I don't think it's the best photo that's ever been taken of me.
The party was on Wednesday night at Cafe Cox on Marnixstraat, and it was to watch the Netherlands v England football match, arranged by the guys from the NSW Netherlands team and the wonderful people from Precinct 5.

The party was so dope, my words wont justify it, so here's some photos taken from's flickr photostream (let me know if you want them taking down!)

I can't wait for the European Championships later this year; I was gutted I came to Amsterdam just a few months after World Cup 2010, so I can't wait to see how the Netherlands does this year. I feel slightly bad for saying it, but without a doubt I wanted NL to win the game on Wednesday, so was pretty psyched when they did. 

Good times.
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