Saturday, 28 April 2012

Chloe Blazer
Comme des Garçons Clutch
J Brand Jeans
Mango Tank
Christian Louboutin Heels (wowzers btw)


Neon and White

I thought I'd left that scary neon phase behind after the hazy 2007 period of "nu-rave." I cringe at the thought of it now.

That said. 

I bought some American Apparel neon green nail varnish a month or so ago and it's kind of got me looking at other brights.

I bought this pink bra in Prime-a-lima-ding-dong yesterday in Hoofdorp for €5.00 which I was pretty happy about and I love it underneath this white linen t-shirt.

The shoes are Nike Air Max 90 Wool Vac Tec. You can't really see the detail, which really sucks. They're so good it's ridiculous.

Off to pick up two of my Liverpool ladies as they're here for Queen's Day, which takes place on Monday.

Let the orange celebrations commence... 

make animated gifs

Nail Varnish - American Apparel
Studded Ring - H&M
White t-shirt and bra - Primark
Jeans - Acne
Trainers - Nike


Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Not sure if this is actually Summer '12, or maybe actually Fall now.

Either way, I'm all over these pieces:

This is freaking amazing! Unfortunately there's no proper page for this item, so I can't link to it. Super nice though, especially for summer.

Ballpen Camo Tote
Not usually into bags like this, but it could be a nice alternative to a handbag or my rucksack. It looks big enough to fit my Mac in anyway.

To replace my old battered LV leopard print one.

Some nice little items there to feast your eyes over. Pretty impressed/devoed that I wont be able to afford any of it.

Much love. 


acid wash and white.

ebay shoes (think you can get them at missguided but i'm a little bit torn between beautiful shoes and condensation feet)
t by alexander wang shirt
j brand jeans
gucci bag
repossi ring (it's $17,000 lolz.)
romwe spike earring


oh you fancy huh?

beautiful accessories; this bag is the one.
bag: philip lim 3.1
sunnies: linda farrow
shoes: steve madden


Monday, 16 April 2012

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Justin Bieber & Complex Magazine

I've Pinterest-ed the shit out of this, so why not whack it on the Blog too?


Tonight's reading: GQ USA & Jalouse

I'd say I've bought 10 magazines maximum since moving to Amsterdam a year and a half ago; they're just too freaking expensive.

I've been on the magazine hunt over the past few days for the May(?) edition of Complex Magazine because it's the issue that features Mr Justin Bieber's "Knockout" shoot. I *think* it's going to be in the American Book Center in Spui soon as they had the previous issue, but JB's the one for me.

Anyway, I popped into AKO in Centraal Station after work tonight and was very surprised by the extensive magazine offering they have. Unfortunately Complex was not available to buy, however my number two crush, Mr Drizzy Drake graces the cover of American GQ so I bought that instead.

I also bought my fave magazine ever - Jalouse, because I haven't bought that in like, a year I'd say. So for some reason I decided I'd treat myself.

Luckily I know just enough French to get myself through Jalouse (I might need a little bit of help), but I'm finding it difficult to justify me paying €7,50 for two pages of Drake in GQ.

Ah well.

I stopped giving a shit about what Tyler had to say, but after spending 10 minutes watching that video on YouTube of them all recently, my ears pricked up again and then when I read an interview with him a couple of weeks ago on HypeBeast I definitely warmed a bit more to him again and even smiled slightly when I saw him in this. 

Quite looking forward to properly getting into these after my run tonight. Jalouse should be interesting; hello Google Translate. 


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Drake - Take Care & HYFR

If Thank Me Later was my favourite album of 2010, then Take Care had to be my favourite album of 2011. I smashed it for a good solid three and a half/four months solid until I became a Belieber. You can see underneath each video how many times I've listened to each song. It was about time I moved on.

Only just got onto these two videos; I've told you before that I'm a bit of a laggard.

Drake feat. Rihanna: Take Care

Drake feat. Lil Wayne: HYFR

While both of these are amazing, especially the party at the Bar Mitzvah and Lil Wayne in a Panda(?) mask, neither of these could possibly beat the video for Practice. Just as a little added bonus, I'm going to include it in this post, but FYI, it's kinda NSFW. NSFW as in, the chick is pretty rude, but also, Drake's got white socks on. #wuh.

Drake: Practice (This really is NSFW and NSFM - Not Safe for Mums)




Friday, 6 April 2012

I never thought I'd get into this, but so far, I kinda am..
It's got a similar vibe to my burnthands tumblr; ginger babes, photos of JB, Stussy and top knots.

Follow me if you like!


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

summer in brooklyn

Dior Sunnies
Head Porter Wallet
Opening Ceremony Heels
Topshop Jeans
Chloe Sev for Opening Ceremony

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