Thursday, 17 May 2012

Black, white and a licka bicka eBay

I've been smashing eBay at the moment. 

For years I was a ghetto-gold-kinda-girl, but since I moved to Amsterdam and especially over the past few months to a year or so, I've worn minimal jewelry; only my cross or a watch or my FuelBand.

For some reason though I started buying more and more little bits on eBay - this diamondy necklace thing, some sunglasses (pure Miu Miu blag) a blazer, rings, little teeny stud earrings etc etc and I'm slowly but surely getting back into jewelry. If you pronounced jewelry juhlrey that would have been a little rhyme. 

again, standard text to break this up... 
t-shirts - h&m and monki
necklace - eBay (if you want the link to the seller I could probably find it for you. I usually get jewelry from my homeboys in Hong Kong)
jeans - acne
shoes - Nike Lunar Flow from Precinct 5. (now Patta)

Much love and enjoy Ascension (sp?) Day!



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  2. I LOVE your hair and necklace! eBay is a dang treasure trove! I can't spend hours on there!


Much love. x

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