Tuesday, 17 July 2012

black and red.

I had a bit of a monotonic outfit on today with the exception of shoes and jacket (my camo one again, wuh)

Maybe I'm in mourning. Of what, I'm not sure. Maybe of the Summer. Summer for me was killed in 2007(?) when Rihanna cast bad luck over us all by releasing Umbrella, thus it raining for ten weeks while she was at number one in the UK charts. 

This top is a freakin beast and it's upsetting you can't see the mad patterns that are in the fabric. It was from boohoo and was crazy cheap, like 10 snides or something. 

I got these Janoskis last summer for my birthday off one of my friends but she ordered a US 6 instead of a UK 6 so it took a lot of perseverance, a lot of blisters (wuh) but I finally got them comfortable enough to wear sans pain. I changed the laces today from the red leather(?) laces to these white ones and they look a lot smarter now. 

The ring is from eBay.
top - boohoo
jeans - topshop
webs - nike sb
ring - ebay
tag watch, links of london bracelet, nike fuelband.


Monday, 9 July 2012

Camo/Stars and Stripes

Couple of quezzies about my outfit today.

1) "What political statement are you trying to make today?"

2) "Why have you got holes in your shirt?"


1) I'm not smart enough to make a political statement, but yes I get where you're going with it; it's got a bit of a 'Nam vibe about it I guess. 

2) The material is cheap as shit even though it cost me about 70 bucks. It still looks dope though.

It also *kinda* reminds me of this outfit I put together for www.les-tenues.tumblr.com

Maybe I should get my act together and try and do more regular outfit posts. Let's wait and find out. 

jacket - zipper
tshirt - sprmrkt on the rozengracht (dont think it's there any more)
jeggings - vero moda
shoes - black wool vac tech am90s - not included a pic, you've seen them before.

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