Monday, 27 August 2012

Winter Coat Angst.

I saw this in Zara last weekend. I thought to myself, "no need to get it yet. I'll wait til payday and get it. No worries."

Why did I think that? Why on earth would I think that?

Of course, of course, it wasn't in store when I went to get it. Moreover, it's not on the online store, but OF COURSE it's featured in the LookBook.

In real life, the coat is crazy beautiful, more than in this picture and even more beautiful than the model who's wearing it. For some reason, I'm blaming her for not being able to find it anywhere. 

Fingers crossed I'll be able to find it soon. Wish me luck.


Monday, 20 August 2012

current wishlist.

quick G thrown away there. i've said it before and i'll say it again. a girl can dream. 

heart acne


family business.

la garconne shirt
chloe bag
adriano goldschmied pants (no i've never heard of them either)
cartier sunnies
nars blush
christian louboutin heels.


At last.

APC sweater
supreme bag
linda farrow sunnies
topshop shorts
happy socks
nike janoski


Thursday, 16 August 2012


the cover photo is apparently "pretty explicit"

i'm a bit crazy about this lady, but i still think she looks at her best in the 212 video

FYI: The video is NSFM's (not safe for mums)


Monday, 13 August 2012

and while i'm still dreaming..

think about the ass you could kick with these shoes. 

also, i had to use this blouse again - it looks so freakin' good with cigarette pants.

not real cigarettes though. 

maybe vogues if we're being pretentious. 

this outfit is made up of lanvin and balmain; let's face it - i think we passed pretentious a while ago.
blazer - balmain
shoes - camilla skovgaard
j brand cigarette pants
lanvin blouse
acne bag.


easy like monday evening

a jacket like this wouldn't go amiss during the autumn months in the netherlands. if only it didn't rain everyday and then the suede wouldn't turn to shit. still lovely to look at though. as is that Lanvin blouse; sweet lord from above it's beautiful.

easy like monday evening

jacket - acne
mac makeup
notify jeans
lanvin blouse
converse shoes. 


Sunday, 5 August 2012

la piece de la resistance

my treat to myself this month:
acne handbag. 
it was meant to be a make-up bag but there's no way i'd use this to put my make up in - strictly concealer and lipgloss only for a night out. 


Recent Purchases

cheap monday t-shirt and monki long crepe skirt                                                      (hi me in the middle!)

head porter wallet

acne jeans
i took a little close up here, because i never noticed before that they have Ambition (2) Create Novel Expression written on the inside of the stud which is quite fun. 

these are also, genuinely, possibly the comfiest jeans i've ever bought. i'll be honest and throw it out there, my last acne jeans weren't 100% right for me and even though i persevered with them, we just never really *clicked.*

these however, well we're a match made in heaven. they're not skinny, which is quite refreshing, more of a straight-leg, so they look dope over converse.


casual sundays

if i had thousands of dollars to my name, lived in manhattan and had hair like mary-kate olsen, i'd like to whack on an outfit like this and spend my sunday shopping and drinking coffee.

a girl can dream.
jeans - acne
bag - givenchy nightingale
shoes - christian louboutin
jumper - alexander wang
tank - pedro lorenco


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Jena.Theo F/W 2012

I'm going to be honest. I get a lot of crappy generic PR emails everyday from all sorts of different companies and 9 times out of 10, I click delete straight away. They're normally about some bullsh't new product or brand that I have no desire to talk about and me being on their mailing list is a waste of mine and their's time. (not sure if that's grammatically correct?)

I just received this, about Jena.Theo's F/W 2012 Collection. While I'm still being honest, I actually have never heard of this brand, but thought I'd check out what they've got going on and opened up the images that were supplied. 

I was crazy pleasantly surprised at how much I FREAKING LOVE THIS BRAND. 

Seriously, I'm like, all over it. The styling, the colour palette, absolutely everything. 

The denim looks beautiful and there's just something about how the hem of the jeans comes up to on the model's ankle. So perfect.

Holy shit this sounds like a sponsored post. (I wish it was)

Anyway, check their site out here: and they've got new stock here in Wolf and Badger.

Check them out, seriously.

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