Friday, 21 September 2012

What I wore Today: Pretty in Pink

I was in a bit of a comfortable Friday mood this morning, so decided to debut this jumper I bought in Liverpool a few months ago, and (vomitingly) match it with these Nike Street Gatos I got. 

Who would play football in such beautiful shoes??
Photo on 9-21-12 at 7.14 PM

Photo on 9-21-12 at 7.02 PM #3

jeans acne
jumper matalan
shoes nike
necklace ebay


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Paris vs New York

Easy questions to answer:

Favourite TV show?
Sex and the City
Worst food?

Difficult questions to answer:
Pi rounded up to 29 decimal points
3.145...ah poo

New York or Paris?
Let Tony Miotto help you decide.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

winter-ish warmers from Zara

When you're not sure if you like something, what's the most logical thing to do? Apparently, according to me, the most logical thing to do is to buy something more or less exactly the same. 

I picked up this jumper (I'd love to tell you which one I picked up first but they look so similar I wouldn't be able to say,) in Zara when I was in Liverpool and apparently fell in love with the Chanel tweed kinda thing it's got going on, and decided to buy its second cousin. 
These definitely look a lot nicer here on Photo Booth than in real life. If only I had dull personal lighting with me all the time.
grey jumper, zara
grey jumper, zara


Sunday, 16 September 2012

#AmsterdamStyle & easyJet Holidays

I was recently contacted by easyJet to take part in a contest they've got going on, with the prize being a trip to Amsterdam for two, with accommodation in a four star hotel, £150 spending money and a cocktail experience at the House of Bols.

Now it's fairly obvious that I already live in Amsterdam, but I thought I'd still give it a whirl and enter. 

So the instructions are that you have to create an outfit you would wear for the time you spent in the city. I decided to break it down a little bit, into what I'd wear at different times during the weekend. 

So with no further a-do, check out my #AmsterdamStyle for the easyJet holidays competition!

On the first day, after dropping our stuff at the hotel, I thought I'd dress up pretty smart, for a day of shopping in high-end boutiques and independent stores in the 9 Straatjes, then drinking coffee and mint tea while sitting in cafes along the canals. This outfit is simplistic-chic; a grey box-coat from IKKS, Cheap Monday jeans, an A.P.C t-shirt, Acne Boots and a beautiful bracelet from Mango.

I also decided to make an "Essentials," of what I would carry in my bag, including my iPhone so I can take pictures and put them on instagram as I'm on the go, a Moleskine and Parker Pen, to write down... (well I'm not 100% sure what I'd write down to be honest, but I always carry one round) a Leica camera (in my dreamzzz,) Illesteva Leonard sunglasses and an Alexander Wang coin purse. 

In the evening, when we visit the House of Bols for our Cocktail Experience, I decided that I'd go all out with my outfit; black and white, smart and chic. I adore this Lanvin blouse underneath the Balmain blazer with these killer Camilla Skovgaard heels. I think that the see-through Acne bag adds a little bit of a contemporary twist on this classic monochromatic look.

The next morning, I decided that Sunday would consist of brunch in De Ysbreeker cafe along the Amstel river, then a trip to museums and galleries in the city that I haven't visited yet. I kept this pretty casual, layering up with a cosy A.P.C jumper, khaki gilet, Weekday shoe boots and an Ann Demeulemeester bag. 

What I like about Amsterdam fashion, is that there's a completely diverse mix of styles; from classically smart and chic, to a relaxed bohemian vibe, to simple Scandinavian style, to teens with a bit of a 5-borough, American influence, with Varsity Jackets and Jordans.   
As I mentioned, we'd be staying at a hotel, and easyJet created a list of some of the hotels in the city, with my favourite being the Eden Amsterdam American, which is kinda not surprising when you see the rooms and decor are like this:

If you want to enter the contest and win a two day trip to Amsterdam, including flights and the fun cocktail experience in House of Bols plus £150 to spend while you're there, check out the website and find out how to enter.

Check out my IRONICFASHION polyvore feed here to see my planned outfits and find out exactly where you can get the items from, and my Pinterest Outfit Board to see other little creations I've made.

Hope you've enjoyed the post and good luck if you enter! If you do, and you win, let's meet up for coffee!


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Laura Mercier Products

In my quest for clearer skin, I started to think about changing my make-up routine and began to look into using mineral powder instead of liquid foundation.

On YouTube I'd seen a girl using Laura Mercier products and her make up was absolutely perfect, so it got me thinking about trying them out.

Yesterday when I was in Liverpool, I went to the Laura Mercier concession in John Lewis and spoke to one of the assistants who advised me to get the Mineral Foundation Primer and Powder. She also kindly advised me to get a Blending Brush which was about 35 quid but "would last [me] for life," and a gift set of 5 products which should have been £100 but she would have given me them for 50.. Yeah, umm thanks but no thanks.


Today was the first time I've properly used it and I have to say it felt so nice not to be totally caked in make-up. I had to use a bit of regular concealer too, but nothing compared to what I used to. I'll still have to learn how to use it properly and I think I still have a lot to learn about applying mineral make-up (many YouTube tutorials to be watched) but fingers crossed these little changes will start to make a difference to my skin.
Do any of you use Laura Mercier, or any kind of mineral powders? Please let me know if you have any tips!

Much love,


Friday, 7 September 2012

Room Inspiration from The Selby

The Selby has been one of my favourite blogs for a long long time. Unfortunately I'm not as cool/rich/crazy as the cats who get their homes photographed. 

I'm going through a phase of trying to make my room into a home. It's kind of awkwardly big, so it's pretty difficult to work with. I go to Ikea on an average of once every six weeks, normally alone. (Hello single life.)

My room in Liverpool was teeny tiny so I was used to working with the space I was given, but here, it's a lot more difficult. I like to look at houses like this and dream of the day when I kick interior design's ass and own a place which looks something like these. 
All pictures taken from The Selby. Toddy, if you want any of them taking off, just lmk. 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

converse x marimekko

i've become a bit addicted to internet shopping recently; i'm hoping it's a phase i'll soon get out of.

last week i ordered these converse x marimekko ox from Saks.

last week.

last week and they arrived today. i order stuff from the uk and it takes 10 days. i order stuff from sweden and the US and it takes 6 days. how is that possible?

anyway, i'm super happy with them and they look like little cows on my feet.

noo shoos that moo.

converse x marimekko from saks 5th avenue. 
simpsons episode: lisa's sax.


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Outfit Post ft. Sin Star

I took this outfit post a while ago but totally forgot to upload it. I think I was on my way out to a club and thought I'd quickly do a few photo booth photos for a post.

I'm wearing a t-shirt I was kindly sent by the guys at Sin Star a few weeks ago. They contacted me a while back and I was totally into the kinda dirty/rough/rude thing they had going on. I was asked to choose a tshirt and basically straight away picked this one that I've got on here.

I hashtagged it on instagram as #clownporn and an admirable amount of results came back. The t-shirt is pretty sweet and it's a good one to attract attention when you wear it out, but I'm a bit of a pussy so I would never wear it for work.

Shoes - H&M (crazy uncomfy)
Booooooooorrrrrrrring Camo Jacket


Skin Care

If you know me, you'll no doubt know that I don't have the best skin. Or if you don't know, then you're either being very polite or very unobservant. 

I've had bad skin since I was about 12 and a sweet 12 years on, it hasn't changed. I'm kinda bored of having the complexion of a teenager. 

I'm going to Liverpool this weekend to see a Doctor about my skin; I went to a Doctor in Amsterdam, and when I said to her, I need to clear my skin up, she said to me, no word of a lie, "Ah well I don't have much experience with acne so I can't help you." Really though.

Hopefully I'm going to get put on RoAccutane, but because of my Epilepsy medication, I'm not sure that I'll be able to get on it. 

Anyway, now onto the slightly more interesting stuff. 

The only "high end" skin care I've used is from Clinique - the 3 Step Anti-Blemish stuff or something? At the time, (I think I was about 20 and got it as part of a birthday present) that worked, but you know how things go; you use them until either your skin clears up and then it gets shot to shit again, or you run out and you can't be bothered dropping a fairly huge amount of money on it again. I was a poor student and couldn't afford it really. 

Now I'm "grown up" and got a proper job, I thought it was about time to loosen the purse strings and a couple of months ago, I bought a couple of items from Clarins. The Cleanser is super nice and I thought it started to work, but again, I think my skin got used to it and had enough of it. I was advised to get this cream, because again, I've never spent a lot on moisturiser and my skin can get pretty dry in certain areas, so I decided to fork out a small fortune and buy this one. So far so good, I can kinda notice a difference on the dry areas, but I've still got to give it a chance and even if it makes me break out so much that I look like McCauley Kulkin in My Girl when he gets stung to death by wasps, because of the price, there's no way this one is going to gather dust at the bottom of my make up box.

This weekend, I was reading up about different skin care brands and I started to think about checking out Kiehl's. For some reason, I've always had mad respect for Kiehl's; I just love its vibe. I've had about 3 or 4 of the #1 Lip Balms, which I adore, so I took a little trip to the Bijenkorf concession to talk to somebody but they didn't have exactly what I was looking for. On a separate note, the guy who I spoke to, was called GUIDO. Anyway, I took a little trip to the store near to the Singel and had a lovely consultation with a lovely girl, who advised me to get the following products: Kiehl's Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser and Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion and the Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment. I only started using these a few days ago, but they make my skin feel super fresh and they legitimately want me to take my make up off when I get home. I can't really comment on these because as I say, I haven't even been using them for a week.

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser and Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion and Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment. (can't find it online) 

Have any of you tried any of these? Do any of you have any advice on any other brands I should give a go? 

Fingers crossed, things will change.

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