Friday, 30 November 2012

stocking fillers... luxury style.

imagine waking up on christmas day to a stocking full of these...

i welcome pyjamas with open arms. i love new pyjamas and cotton ones particularly are my favourite. i love the classic britishness these Poplin PJs have; especially the blue set. the pink and white has a kind of candy striper vibe to it. cute. 

Nina Peter iPhone Case
i have become one of those girls who regularly changes her iphone case. i've had a case like this in the past, and loved it because i could put my bank card in there, my travel card.. everything. it was purrfect. 
Harry Allen x Areaware Piggybanks
how freakin awesome are these?? i'd like one of these so i could actually make an effort to save.
hopefully santa's ears are burning. 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


after seeing the world go wild for these shoes last week, when i saw a kids size 5.5 uk in our shop i decided i'd get them. (i'm a 6; what difference can .5 of a size be?) 

i did this with my last jordans. i bought a size down because they were cheaper.

lauren. learn to loosen the purse strings.

today i wore these to and from work, and that was pretty much it. i took them off as soon as i got into the office. they are far too small on me. it's uncomfortably awkward to walk in them. 

i put them on during the day only to go into a meeting, but 15 minutes into the meeting, i took them off, and left the meeting with them in my hands. 

they're still beautiful though, so i shall try and persevere. 
also, random but true, if you google girls in jordans and leggings, i'm the eighth result in images. right there after rhi-rhi. 


Denim and Leather

when i was putting this outfit together, my mind had a bit of a down-town parisian vibe flowing through it; i had visions of a chick walking through the city, cappuccino to-go in one hand, python purse in the other. maybe wearing a pair of oliver peoples sunglasses, clicking her little western-heeled sam edelmans as she went.

Denim and Leather
Denim and Leather by ironicfashion 

Inspired by Cruise. 


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

das ist so berlin.

it seems i've been quite the little jetsetter over the past few weeks. 

this week: berlin.

best wishes,

love boohoo.

seriously though; love boohoo.

*sponsored post


red jeans/neon bag

blouse - monki
boots - acne
jeans - acne

shirt - alexander wang
jeans - acne
travel wallet - acne
boots - balenciaga 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

black v turquoise & purple

in stockholm, about 34% of the people we walked past were dressed in all black. i was tres jel. i go on about monochromatic fashion tous-les-temps but rarely go all black. a few weeks ago, we had a hallowe'en party in work and i couldn't face going the whole hog and donning a full on outfit, i thought i'd go as a goth and wore all black, plus plenty of dark purple sephora lipstick (that i wear every time i go out) and dark purple lip liner (that i wear every time i go out.) in hindsight, i just looked like i had put too much make up on for work.


i think stockholm had a bit of a sartorial influence on me, and today, for the second time in three days (you do the math) i dressed in all black. i was planning on wearing my converse x marrimeko but i saw some old air max 1s in my wardrobe that i haven't worn for aaaaages, i decided to whack them on instead to add a little bit of brightness to the dullness.

webs - nike
ring via myflashtrash
nail varnish - hema.

Monday, 12 November 2012

acne jumper & stockholm


so i just got back from an unbelievable four days in Stockholm. it was my friend's 30th birthday but he also planned a sneaky little proposal and asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said yes! many celebrations were had, and it really was a lovely four days of laughing, shopping, smiling, eating and sightseeing. 

i'll be uploading some photies soon, but apologies if you (or used to) follow me on instagram; i would have absolutely spammed the sh't out of your feed. 

whilst on my trip, i bought a couple of things - not loads; stockholm is MAD expensive. i did however buy a silk jumper from acne and some happy socks.

well, when in rome..


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

apc x carhartt shirt, acne jeans and converse

a dude called me a cowgirl today which wasn't exactly the look i was going for, but in hindsight i can see where he was coming from. hey, you can't fight city hall.

the shirt was one of my surprisingly few purchases from when i was in paris last week. i'd seen some suede apc boots in le bon marche but decided against them since it rains about 75% of the time in amsterdam, (it's lashing down as we speak) and we all know suede and rain don't really mix so i picked up this shirt instead.

good choice lauren; good choice.

shirt - apx x carhartt (men's)
jeans - acne
shoes - ald converse


Monday, 5 November 2012


when i was in paris last week, i had this mad urge to buy a crazy bright neon yellow/green beanie that i'd seen in american apparel. 

like, i have no idea why i was so adamant i needed this beanie. but at that moment, i needed it.

when i was in Colette, I bought the latest Sartorialist book and when i flicked through it i saw that a chick had the same beanie on in purple and i immediately regretted buying the freakin glow-in-the-dark one.

but you know what, during life, you'll find yourself in consequences like this where you end up questioning your choices and sooner or later you have to deal with the fact you bought a hat that is unnecessarily yellow. 

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