Wednesday, 14 November 2012

black v turquoise & purple

in stockholm, about 34% of the people we walked past were dressed in all black. i was tres jel. i go on about monochromatic fashion tous-les-temps but rarely go all black. a few weeks ago, we had a hallowe'en party in work and i couldn't face going the whole hog and donning a full on outfit, i thought i'd go as a goth and wore all black, plus plenty of dark purple sephora lipstick (that i wear every time i go out) and dark purple lip liner (that i wear every time i go out.) in hindsight, i just looked like i had put too much make up on for work.


i think stockholm had a bit of a sartorial influence on me, and today, for the second time in three days (you do the math) i dressed in all black. i was planning on wearing my converse x marrimeko but i saw some old air max 1s in my wardrobe that i haven't worn for aaaaages, i decided to whack them on instead to add a little bit of brightness to the dullness.

webs - nike
ring via myflashtrash
nail varnish - hema.

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  1. Cool ...nothing wrong with wearing all black and if u've got a cool pair of trainers on then all the better. :)

    Jackie @ Minerva Collection UK Handbags&Jewellery


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