Sunday, 27 January 2013

black n yellow

black n yellow
sheer t shirt - chicnova, jeans alice and olivia,  shopper - stampd, shoes - nike, watch - rolex

Thursday, 24 January 2013

spring fling

spring fling

jacket - lot78
jeans - true religion
shirt - acne
bag - proenza schouler


Saturday, 19 January 2013

grey and pink

i thought i'd do a little real life outfit post today; it's just a quick one and as usual just photobooth photos.

these kind of posts work in my favour; the photos are nice and grainy. no close ups atm for a reason.

i've been using a lil concoction on my face in an attempt to clear it up, and while there has been a slight improvement, it's dried my face up to shit. seriously, it looks and feels like sandpaper. i've got three different kinds of moisturiser on today to dry and get a bit more softness into it.

TMI? apologies.

i'm off out today, meeting my friend in the 9 straatjes for coffee and a catch up. my only problem with that is that the acne store is there and every time i go in, i come out with something that i shouldn't.

said experience includes this pink scarf i've got on in one of the pics - in my defense it was in the sale, but that's not enough justification i think.

i've just realised how matchy-matchy this outfit is; i guess the title doesn't lie. pink scarf, pink and silver watch, grey jumper, grey blazers. oosh.

jumper - whistles
coat - monki
jeans - h&m
watch - tag
bracelet - links
shoes - nike blazers
scarf - acne


cozy on a cold day

jump on your bike, cycle along the canal to the 9 straatjes, get a coffee and sit down in the warmth all day.

cozy in ye goose.

cosy on a cold day
coat - canada goose
jeans - h&m
sweater - acne
sockies - happy socks
desert boots - clarks


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

spring begins

today spring couldn't have felt further away.
-8 in hillywood.

acne jumper
true religion jeans
chloe sunnies
ysl bag
roshe webs



I took these about a week and a half ago but forgot to do anything with them.

jacket - nike
jeans - h&m
shoes - nike


Sunday, 13 January 2013


and what's more; i'm back for good.


i know i'm a good 13 days late, but it's mandatory to say in the first post of the year right?

anyway; i had a bit of a mad couple of weeks over christmas - i was obvz back in liverpool but i was still WFH and visiting all kinds of doctors for my various ailments. plus me and la familia worked in the salvation army soup kitchen again on christmas day which was awesome but i was absolutely a-kip in my onesie on the couch by about 7 o'clock.

new year was a quiet one; i had a seizure during the day which sucked bad donkey bollocks so i didn't go out and just stayed in with le fam and watched a film which was actually an awesome way to spend it.

back to ammy on the 2nd, had a nice few days catching up with people, then on my second day back at work last week, i woke up in the morning and just spewed everywhere. i was then sick for like 3 days and only felt 100% better yesterday. my gorgeous mama booked a lil surprise weekend to cheer me up so i've had a cute couple of days with her. we went to see les miserables on the cinema and it was fuckin boss. we were both crying at the end, but like, proper tears. i've seen it in the theatre but only when i was little and it's my mum's fave musical so she was all over it. it was so nice seeing her. she's such a babe. and all of you who have met her or know her, you all know how much of a babe she is.

so here we are. sunday night and i feel like i'm on a t5, writing this post, sorting out my washing and sorting my bag for tomorrow morning. i've got a couple of resolutions so here they are:

1) make better use of my time. i.e spend less time on youtube.
2) RUN. i NEED to start running again. i gotta lose a lotta beef. i also want to do this 10k that's on in Stockholm in august, so if anybody's dtf for that let me know on twitter @LAURENMCBRIDE
3) save money. everybody has these exact resolutions don't they.
4) go the cinema more. i've got an unlimited pathe card - i need to take advantage of it.

pretty simple. nothing outstanding i guess.

i'll leave you with the first photo of the year.
jumper - primey
mad rash on neck - all my own.

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