Thursday, 28 February 2013

grey and pink.. again.

jumper and necklace - monki
shoes - flyknit lunars


Sunday, 24 February 2013

especially for my erry berry.

i'm genuinely surprised that i've included the isabel marants in this post; they're really not my thing (at a push i'd get the nike sky hi) but my friend wanted me to put an outfit together for her and to begin with i said no, but every so often i like to be nice to her.

hope you like it ezrind x




Saturday, 9 February 2013

of recent

hello all. 

i thought i'd take a few proper photos to show you all some recent purchases/gifts.

a couple of weeks ago, i was very kindly given an iPad mini and my life has since changed. i adore this thing. my bag no longer weighs 3 kilos and doesn't ruin my shoulders on a daily basis. (i've got another shoulder story below if you fancy reading on)


i knew i'd been getting it for a while, so it gave me plenty of time to find an iPad mini case.

except no brands i like make iPad mini cases. 

i found this acne travel purse which had measurements just a couple of millimetres larger than the size of the iPad and just thought i'd go for it. unfortunately it's a couple of millimetres too small. 

originally, i ordered the mad bright neon yellow case but a day or so after i got my confirmation email i got a follow up email saying that it was out of stock. working within digital commerce, i know this kind of shit goes down, so i didn't bother getting in a mood, and acne kindly gave me a discount code for my next purchase :)

also, last year my little beany got me into watching "girls" and i haven't looked back. it's actually amazing. i was counting down the days until the new series (thank you wikipedia for telling me exactly when the first episode of series two was going to be aired) and it hasn't disappointed. also, the soundtrack is awesome, and i was happy to see that somebody on spotify had created a playlist, and regularly updates it with new songs.

so this is a two birds kinda photo; iPad and girls.
i used said discount code on the blue travel purse and this cosy jumper which has been purrfect for the weather in amsterdam at the moment. it's mad, like yesterday it was sunny, then it sleeted, then it properly snowed, then it rained, and then it snowed again. 

i think the weather in amsterdam is going through the menopause. 
curtis kulig x happy socks. i'm gonna be honest. i buy into this kinda shit. i have many many pairs of happy socks and i am a fan of this love me tag. when i saw that there was a colab going on i knew i wanted to buy a pair of them. or one of each style. what a nob. i do love them though.
i said i had another shoulder story and i dont often have stories about shoulders so i thought i'd put it in here.

one of my new year's resolutions was to not have any seizures this year. if you dont already know, i've got epilepsy (i got diagnosed when i was 19 and even though it can suck balls at times, i wouldn't choose to not have it now; it's a part of me, and i'm pretty sure i wouldn't be here in amsterdam if i didn't have it, just because of how things make other things change along the way)

anyway, that resolution sure shot to shit one morning when i had a fit IN CENTRAAL STATION ON PLATFORM NUMBER 8a, which as you can imagine, was absolutely horrible.

anyway, i got over it, i wasn't injured, no sore muscles, no cheek/tongue biting, just a bit of embarrassment really (even though i shouldn't be embarrassed, i was)

i was over it until last week i had another one, in which i ended up tearing a ligament in my shoulder. see i told you this was a story about a shoulder.

it absolutely kills. like i am having difficulty putting on a top, putting on a coat, putting on a bra, putting on anything that involves the top half of my body. lying down, getting up, tying my shoelaces. (you get la drift)

seriously, it's a bitch. but shit happens; people injure themselves and get a lot worse than a sore shoulder so i shouldn't complain really.

that's a sad note to end on. hmm.

i'm going to liverpool next week to see la familia (and my doctors) and also to london to see all my L.C friends who have moved down there which i am very looking forward to :)

i hope you are all well and managed to sit through this mission of a fairly mundane post.

much love.


saturday school

saturday school

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