Saturday, 30 March 2013


i was takin a lil look at my followgram page and thought i'd share with you all some mcbride family moments..

this is me and mum at a wedding in 2010 when i was a bridesmaid for one of my best friends, ellie. it was probably the best day of my life so lord knows what it was like for her. i think my mum looks so beautiful on here; her hair and make up look perfect. and the outfit is v cute too. 

this is the mcbride family travel board. i've been wanting to do one for us for years, (because my dad has been everywhere. like everywhere - he's the green pins) but maps are like mad expensive. me and my mum were in urbies a couple of weeks ago and found this wrapping paper which is exactly what we were looking for and it was like 3 quid (which in hindsight is pretty expensive for wrapping paper.) 

the map is from 1928 or something, and what is loco is that, you see the lines coming off the cluster of pins are in the middle (aka europe) are all liverpool shipping routes. like all of them. at one point it was like the centre of the world. 

it still is the centre of my world like. 

this is the latest piccy i took on instagram - it was from last night and it's of home made hot cross buns! my mum proper grafted making these and they were boss. she used a recipe written by the grey fox that is paul hollywood, and they worked out purrfectly.

i think this was a #throwbackthursday piccy from a while ago. i think the pic is from around the end of 2010 and i'm smothering one of my wonderfully fluffy puppies, cocopop.

last but not least, this was a piccy i drew of my brother, but it was one of those, dont look down at the paper while you're drawing kinda ones, and it couldn't have worked out better.


takin a stroll

i'd like to have long skinny legs and pop these chunky monkeys onto my feet and clip clop around town.
simple as that really.


Sunday, 3 March 2013

least sexy outfit ever?

jacket - carhartt
shirt - waterlooplein market
jeans - acne
boots - nike


iJ hallen biJs

in the first weekend of every month in amsterdam, there's a flea market in the noord called ij hallen, which claims to be the biggest in europe, but i'm pretty sure every flea market claims to be the biggest in europe (clignacourts in paris for example - my particular favourite)

anyway, it's a big commitment to decide to go to ij hallen because you have to get the ferry over. not too much of a task i hear you think, but the ferry is astonishingly cold. and when you get to the market, again, it is astonishingly cold. i had five layers and a beanie hat on today, which worked well in my favour. the outfit was probably the least sexy i've ever felt, but i was nice and toasty. 

it seems i buy weird things when i go there; last time i bought a saki vase and cup set, (lord knows why) and this time i bought, amongst other things, an eric carle mini suitcase thing.

i also bought the Another Fashion Book, which i'm not amazingly impressed by (i'm not loco about Another anyway) but thought it'd be an interesting one to look through. i seem to be acquiring more and more coffee table books, alack, i do not have a coffee table.

i also bought a very nice picture/postcard thing of the beatles sitting under umbrellas however poor paul has to stand up on what seems to be a mini step ladder. 
do you ever buy weird things from markets? if so, share the odd love.

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