Sunday, 14 April 2013

fashion q's

When did you know you wanted to do something in fashion?
probably the stand out memory was when i made an outfit for one of my troll dolls. i loved the young ones and i had a troll with red hair like vivian, so i made it a double denim outfit and used silver nail varnish to paint spikes and studs and to write VERY METAL on the back of his jacket. looking back that's a pretty funny thing to do when you're like, 9. i even drew piercings on its face and put star sequins on its fod, just like vivian. ha. 

Your style?
casual. fairly minimal, practical. not too many bells and whistles, fairly neutral colour palette. neon pops sometimes. i wear sneakers or desert boots everyday, which keeps things relatively relaxed.i have a couple of items of jewelry that belonged to my granny which mean a lot to me.

Favorite brands?
alexander wang, acne, a.p.c & nike.


alexander wang, chanel & celine. 

ams: monki, acne, tenue de nimes, weekday. liv: size?, ran and zara.

Current favorite item in your wardrobe?
my desert boots and my new digi-floral janoskis

If you do not know what to wear, where do you usually end up in?
white tshirt, black jeans, black coat, nike volt lunar racers

Most precious item?
i've got a couple of pieces of jewellery that belonged to my granny which are very important to me. 

Something that every girl should own?
a nice leather bag, a good white t-shirt, and good lipstick.


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