Sunday, 28 April 2013

shoes of the day

today amsterdam was pretty beautiful - it was nice cycling along the canals, but already it is crazy busy because of the run up to queen's day, which is this tuesday.

all of the "bezet" marks are taped to the ground already. i can't wait; it'll be my third one and each year it gets better and better. my best friend from liverpool (who is now living in london) is coming over to celebrate queen's day and i am so excited to see her :)

tomorrow i have my new flatmate moving in which i am tres excited about. i took advantage of the empty room to take my photos in since mine is full of her stuff at the moment. cough cough good job you're a nice girl cough cough

i managed to get these janoskis from our shop in work which i was super happy with, but it seemed like everybody else on campus was able to pick them up too. i've seen more dudes than chicks wearing them which i'm totally fine with.

if you've worn janoskis before then you'll know that it takes at least two days of wearing to break them in; they're crazy crazy small fitting, but once they loosen up, they're awesome.



Much love. x

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