Monday, 20 May 2013


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this was the movie i'd been waiting for months for.

leonardo, luhrmann and lana.

i went to see the great gatsby on saturday with my mum and brother in fact, in liverpool. unfortunately i didn't get to see it in 3d (i'm a bit sceptical to see 3d movies because of l'epilepsie so just decided to watch the regular version) but i feel like it was just as good, but i could tell it would be amazing in 3d.

i love love loved it. visually, like other movies i've seen of baz luhrmann's it's beautiful, but the first thing i said to my mum once we left the cinema was that the soundtrack was actually unreal.

hearing new york state of mind by jay z and alicia keys whilst the camera panned across the manhattan skyline in the 1920s literally gave me goosebumps. hearing florence, my gorgeous darling florence and my boy andre 3000 with beyonce singing my dear amy jade mermaid's back to black.


it was very exciting when an email from ebuzzing popped up in my inbox, a matter of hours after watching the movie, including the link to the soundtrack on iTunes as it's the perfect way to give you all a taster of it.

here's the full ost. keep this window open and have it on in the background. it's a beast.


Monday, 6 May 2013

boyfriend jeans.

i think the irony of a single girl like me who wears boyfriend jeans is that while she's wearing them, she sure as hell aint gonna pick up a boyfriend.

when i was in upper school, we had the choice of being in the army, navy or the r.a.f.

me and all of my friends were in the army, and every year we went on army camp to different bases around the uk. these camps were amazing. not to sound like a total cheese ball, but we still howl at the funny things that happened at the different trips we went on.

everyday, you had to wear the whole army outfit; beret, shirt, coat, pants and boots - the whole fatigue shebang.

i had very baggy army pants, so big that i could have very easily been kecked wearing them. (no doubt i was at some point.)

one day, we were in a lecture about rifles or tanks or some shit and we had been sitting through it, for like, an hour and i fell asleep. when the lecture was over and the sergeant dismissed us, i left the room and heard a loud voice shout after me;


i was bunches. my pants made me look like a sack of shit.

that's how i feel wearing these.

except i'm no longer bunches. i'm top knot.

suck on that, sarge. 

i suppose i do still look like a sack of shit, 10 years on.

tshirt - h&m
jeans - h&m
shoes - converse
necklaces - cross & marc by marc jacobs
rings - h&m
watch - tag heuer 


wmn's roshe run metric

wmn's roshe run metric.

holy moly.

two days too late. 

Saturday, 4 May 2013

acne music new

i've been looking at these t-shirts for a while now and even though i bought this and love it, i kinda feel like i'm cheating because none of the music i listen to is good or new.

tshirt - acne.


Thursday, 2 May 2013


lugging a freakin 17 inch mac book pro on a 45 minute commute everyday tears every bag you own to shreds. even the expensive ones.

especially the expensive ones.

i was looking through the "bags section in polyvore and found the following to be quite tasteful.

just a few footnotes:

i'm totally into the idea of a leather rucksack, but not during the "summer" we get here in amsterdam. hola sweaty back.

the second bag on the first row, whilst beautiful to look at, is mad unrealistic. i'd have alsorts falling out of there.

top row l-r:
alejandro ingelmo "berlin"
alexander mcqueen honeycomb
ann demeulemeester

bottom row r-l (mix it up a little bit):
michael kors
alejandro ingelmo "avenue"
neil barrat brasilia

follow ironicfashion on polyvore. i make pretty outfits, but not pretty layouts. 



if i had the legs, the money and the sun, i'd quite like to take a stroll around barcelona wearing something not too dissimilar to this.

blouse: joie marru
sunnies: zerouv
shorts: dondup
sandals: asos
bag: saint laurent


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

ironic fashion, surfdome and rvca.

i remember back round when i started blogging, i saw an image of the erin wasson x rvca "if you aint cowboy you aint sh't" tshirt and love love loved it. when i was in new york a while later, i found it in oak nyc in brooklyn (on sale i might add) and it really opened up my eyes to rvca.

i've been speaking to the guys from surfdome a little bit and was asked to pick a couple of items from the store and when i took a look through the list of brands they stock, they've got a massive list of brands to choose from, including rvca.

i hadn't even finished the email conversation and i knew exactly what i was going to choose.

i featured this leopard print duck egg blue blouse last week to give you all a little teaser of my choice from the store, and i'm super happy with it.

i've got a few pale blue blouses and this one is exactly what i like; over sized, light and pretty.

i wore it with some black waxed jeans and my air max 90 hyperfuse i bought a few years ago which i recently cleaned up with my jason markk shoe cleaner which is actually amazing if you wear a lot of trainers.

the past few days have been a bit loco. in holland, yesterday and the day before that, we celebrated queen's day and my bezzy from liverpool came over to stay with me and party.

today was nice and chilled, so we took a stroll along the amstel to d'ysbreeker, which is a super nice restaurant, and i thought, why not show off my beautiful new blouse?

much love to surfdome!

blouse - rvca
jeans - boohoo
trainers - nike am90 hyperfuse
plastic clutch - acne
sunnies - cheap monday

p.s, if you're wondering what i ate, i had poached egg and crispy bacon on crunchy bread. it was delish.
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