Wednesday, 1 May 2013

ironic fashion, surfdome and rvca.

i remember back round when i started blogging, i saw an image of the erin wasson x rvca "if you aint cowboy you aint sh't" tshirt and love love loved it. when i was in new york a while later, i found it in oak nyc in brooklyn (on sale i might add) and it really opened up my eyes to rvca.

i've been speaking to the guys from surfdome a little bit and was asked to pick a couple of items from the store and when i took a look through the list of brands they stock, they've got a massive list of brands to choose from, including rvca.

i hadn't even finished the email conversation and i knew exactly what i was going to choose.

i featured this leopard print duck egg blue blouse last week to give you all a little teaser of my choice from the store, and i'm super happy with it.

i've got a few pale blue blouses and this one is exactly what i like; over sized, light and pretty.

i wore it with some black waxed jeans and my air max 90 hyperfuse i bought a few years ago which i recently cleaned up with my jason markk shoe cleaner which is actually amazing if you wear a lot of trainers.

the past few days have been a bit loco. in holland, yesterday and the day before that, we celebrated queen's day and my bezzy from liverpool came over to stay with me and party.

today was nice and chilled, so we took a stroll along the amstel to d'ysbreeker, which is a super nice restaurant, and i thought, why not show off my beautiful new blouse?

much love to surfdome!

blouse - rvca
jeans - boohoo
trainers - nike am90 hyperfuse
plastic clutch - acne
sunnies - cheap monday

p.s, if you're wondering what i ate, i had poached egg and crispy bacon on crunchy bread. it was delish.


  1. Lauren, that top is gorgeous. A real bang tidy top. It makes me green with envy!

  2. lovely pics!
    Emma xx


Much love. x

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