Sunday, 30 June 2013

so what's up!

this surely has to have been the longest i've ever gone without blogging, in like, four years. but luckily i've got all sorts of wonderful excuses to justify it.

i'm going to the u.s in august to take part in hood to coast, a huge race in Portland, so when i've been training for that, like while i'm running in amsterdam after work, i'm like, i wish i could run and write at the same time. then i promise i'll blog when i get in, but then i'm obviously too fucked to write a blog post and just wanna sit down and eat a big bowl of pasta and watch two broke girls.

last week i was working in portugal for a huge conference the company i work for puts on, and it was loco, like amazingly busy; long days, short nights, no sunlight, but i wouldn't change one bit of it. portugal was so beautiful. i've been once before, years ago and i don't know why i haven't been back sooner.

i've also had friends visiting from berlin and london, i went back to the uk for a while and went HAM in london, chilled in the sun in liverpool you know what, i've generally just been having a good-ass time.

i've been watching a lot of haul videos on youtube recently, a lot of vlogs and what's in my bag etc and it's made me want to maybe start doing videos. but seeing myself on camera makes me cringe, so i'm going to mark that as plan b.


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