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footasylum #girlsgotkicks feature

you've seen all the photos before, now here's the full interview.

Tell us about yourself!
Hi! My name is Lauren, I’m 25 and I live in Amsterdam. I’m originally from Liverpool, but I’ve been living here for around three years. By day, I’m a Social Media Specialist, but by night I write and run through the streets of Amsterdam listening to Justin Bieber, Florence and the Machine and Frank Ocean.

What are you wearing on your feet right now?
Today I’ve got on a pair of black and white NSW Lunar Flow. I bought them in Amsterdam about two years ago from Precinct 5, which was the sister-store of Patta. They’re a clean, smart-looking shoe and I love the silhouette.

How long have you been collecting trainers?
I don’t actively collect trainers but I just seem to buy a lot. I remember school-shoe shopping with my Mum when I was about 9, and when we were waiting for the lady to come back with my school shoes; I saw a pair of Nike Air Max Triax on the shelf, and was just like, I would love to own those shoes. My Mum bought me them, and I think that affinity and interest with trainers has stuck with me ever since.

Do you have regular clear outs or stash everything?
Stash everything; in wardrobes, on bookshelves, under my bed, on my desk at work, under my desk at work.. You get the idea.

What were the first pair you were desperate to buy?
Like many kids in Liverpool in the ‘90s, I was desperate for a pair of Reebok Classics, but I was specifically after the white with gold detailing. I remember being so happy that I’d found them; they weren’t just a pair of trainers to do sports in, these were a proper pair of shoes that I was proud to wear.

How many pairs do you have and how do you store them- do you split them across Liverpool and Amsterdam?!
Not actually that many; I’d say 70 or 80. I have most of them in Amsterdam, but I have a staple set at home in Liverpool so I don't need to take too many back with me; Converse, Air Max 1s and a pair of Free 3.0 if I want to run a little bit while I’m at home.

Do you have any that you've kept box fresh?
I buy mine on my lunch hour and wear them home that day – it’s really bad of me. I did have a pair of the Air Max 95 OG which were re-released earlier this year and they were sat proudly on my desk for so long, but I knocked over a mug of coffee and the tongue was the victim, but a little bit of Jason Markk fixed it straight away.

What are you wanting at the moment?
I quite like the look of the Nike Thea, I think they’d be a nice little summer shoe as an alternative to a Roshe or a pair of Free.

What are your top three pairs that you currently own?
- Flyknit Lunar Racer+ in Volt that came out last year; absolutely beautiful shoe.  
- Janoski Digi-Floral.
- Air Max ‘95 OG; grey, black and neon. Scouse as you like.

Have you ever re-purchased the exact same pair?
Only Converse! I’m not one to buy a pair to wear and buy a pair to put on ice! I wear them until they’re beaten, clean them up and then wear them until they’re beaten again. Saying that, I bought my first pair of Blazers in NikeTown New York when I was 16, and since then I’ve bought around ten more pairs. I’m still on the lookout for a pair of SB Blazer Mid in Black/White!

If you HAD TO pick only one style to wear for the rest of your days- what would you go for?
I’d have to go with something simple, so I could match it with a lot of outfits, so maybe these Lunar Flow, a pair of Limited Edition Cortez with Flywire I’ve got, or white Converse.

Kicks, sneakers, trainers, webs- what do you call your footwear?! 
Trainees, webs or trabbs. We don’t really say sneakers or kicks in Liverpool; you’ve got to stay authentic to where you’re from.

What would be your ultimate brand collaboration, or if you could create a sneaker hybrid- what would it be?
Alexander Wang and Tier Zero NSW. Imagine that.


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