Saturday, 31 August 2013

arnold world (pre h2c ctd)

in downtown portland is powell's books. ashamedly, i'd never heard of it before, but the guys i was travelling with dedicated a day to go and visit. after i hit forever 21 on sunday morning, i went down to meet them and was amazed by the place.

when we were there, we decided to stop for a coffee. the seats were few and far between; there was either the window seat looking out onto the street, but because of the weather it was a little too hot. the only alternative was to sit on the corner three seats of a table where a dude was sitting there drinking tropicana and making flowers out of napkins. 

but it's one of them; when you see free seats next to a dude making flowers out of paper napkins, it’s pretty easy to decide where to sit.

arnold world was said flower man. he was a guy originally from wisconsin, but had lived in portland for the last 15 years. making flowers out of napkins was his day job, and the guy was a genius. he explained to us how he made up each component, and how much geometry comes into play with each fold. 

he was clever, hilarious, weird and full of stories. we sat there with him for almost two hours, just chatting and listening to what he had to say. 

a definite highlight for me, and a true representation of the weird and wonderful characters in portland. 


portland (pre-h2c)

so a few months ago when i found out that i was chosen to run in hood to coast, a few of us pretty much straight away decided to make a holiday of it, and make the most of being in the u.s.

we planned to visit portland for a few days before the race, to explore the city and to also meet up with people we work with over there. we took our time walking, eating, exploring and shopping.

portland is amazing. simple as that.

the people, the buildings, the shopping, the food; all amazing.



over the past two weeks i’ve been in the u.s on a mini adventure consisting of a lot of things.

the primary reason was to take part in hood to coast, which is a relay-race i’ve written about a couple of times, which took place in portland, across about 36 hours. i then went on to travel down the west coast (literally driving down the 101) and ended up in san francisco.

over my next few posts i’m going to be documenting each stage of my trip, because a) there’s too much to jam into one post, and b) i’ve only blogged twice in august.

time to get those posts started.


Sunday, 11 August 2013

i am not a runner.

in two weeks time, i'll be recovering from, without a doubt, the hardest thing i'll have ever put my body through in my whole life (including tearing my shoulder ligament the last time i had a seizure.)

i'm in one of the teams from our work flying from amsterdam to portland to take part in hood to coast

i'm nervous, i'm pumped, i'm scared, i'm excited, i'm terrified.

wish me luck.

all photos taken from the nike running/nike training club facebook pages.


Monday, 5 August 2013

acne exploded flower print

dying for this latest collection by acne.

favourite pieces from them in a looong time.

i fear that the bottom jumper will be being purchased when i go to the US next week.

p.s LOATHE writing acne and exploded next to each other.
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