Tuesday, 24 September 2013

cosy comfy

kiehls #1
mac rebel 
eastpak bag
nike flyknit racer
alexander wang hoody
james perse leggings


jake bugg

i went on my first run last night in like four weeks (bleurgh i know) and i was running listening to zane lowe, waiting for his kanye interview to come on (i actually got back before it started, but anyway.)

when i was training for hood to coast, why didn't i listen to his show instead of making sh't playlists for myself. seriously listening to it was amazing, especially as i started to hit a wall at about 6km (told you i hadn't ran in a month) and then this came on.

holy sh't. what a song to kick your ass in moving quicker. listen to it. i bet you'll like it.

jake bugg - what doesn't kill you.


Monday, 23 September 2013

wah hah

tight as sh't in so many ways. 

nike huarache 


i dont even read

a few posts ago, i briefly spoke about Powell's bookstore in portland - a huuuge bookshop downtown which is pretty famous (even though ignorantly i'd not heard of it before) and that i picked up a couple of books from there, and one from another used bookshop in the city.

i took these photos when we were still in san francisco and i was promising myself i'd blog; i was in the zone to write and take photos and also we weren't out, because we were too scared to go into tenderloin at night. obviously i left that zone pretty quickly. hello four weeks on since i took them.


my first book pick up was this typography book which is pretty nerdily beautiful. it was 8 dolla from a shop whose name i dont know. 

to kill a mockingbird and forrest gump. 
i've read to kill a mockingbird a hundred times and it's my favourite book so i was pretty happy to find a well read version of it, and forrest gump is my favourite movie and i've never read the book. i'm about half way through it, (i get bored with books) and i feel a little indifferent towards it. i'm not crazy about it. it's very different to the movie and what i like about the movie, is the movie. simples. 

the calvin and hobbes tenth anniversary book. 
i grew up reading my brother's calvin and hobbes' books and these remind me so much of my child hood it's ridiculous. i adore the stories and the drawings. i don't have any "illustration" tattoos, but if i was to get one, i think it'd be something to do with these little guys, because it reminds me of my brother so much. 

and of course..

mad how orange these photos are. 


Sunday, 8 September 2013



lippie - chantecaille
shirt - acne
bag - alexander wang
boots - acne
pants - burberry

smart, no?


san francisco

we arrived in san francisco at about 10pm, with no idea where the hell we were gonna stay. we drove in over the bridge (couldn't see a thing because of mist) and made our way downtown and couldn't find anywhere to stay which was in our budget. we drove round for a good two hours and ended up staying in a hotel near the airport.

the next day, we realised that we didn't really have anywhere to stay and luckily were able to get an air bnb at the very last minute.

i say luckily.

when we got there, it turned out we were staying in tenderloin. we didn't know it before, but tenderloin is classed as the worst area in san francisco. (check out this for a bit of info on the tenderloin)

it was grim like, there were a lot of homeless people, a lot of drugs around (saw a dude shooting up over the road) and in all honesty, we were a bit scared, but the air bnb we stayed in was awesome and super cheap. we both said that we were happy we stayed there. it was cheap, good location, and we were able to see a bit of the "real" san francisco. the neighborhood has resisted gentrification which is very obvious when you visit other areas, but i don't think it was a bad thing.

san francisco is cool. there's a lot of stuff to see; we cycled along the golden gate bridge (graft) we walked up and down the mad hills in the city (actually killed my knees) and rode the tram car.



road trip pt 1. (post h2c)

after the initial come down of the fin of hood to coast hit, myself and a dude from work realised we had to make our way down to saaaaan fraaaancisco and after a couple of minor glitches, we were able to rent a car and started our journey down from oregon, towards california.

we had a week in total left in the u.s and decided to take our time driving down, so instead of taking the main highway (the 5 i think) we took the 101 (literally, driving down the 101) along the west coast.

we stopped at a few different towns along the way, stayed in a couple of shady hotels, ate in road-side diners, met lots of very friendly people and did a hike through the red woods.

next up.. san fran. 


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

hood to coast.

some of the best 31 hours of my life. 

and the beaters that kept me going.

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