Monday, 23 September 2013

i dont even read

a few posts ago, i briefly spoke about Powell's bookstore in portland - a huuuge bookshop downtown which is pretty famous (even though ignorantly i'd not heard of it before) and that i picked up a couple of books from there, and one from another used bookshop in the city.

i took these photos when we were still in san francisco and i was promising myself i'd blog; i was in the zone to write and take photos and also we weren't out, because we were too scared to go into tenderloin at night. obviously i left that zone pretty quickly. hello four weeks on since i took them.


my first book pick up was this typography book which is pretty nerdily beautiful. it was 8 dolla from a shop whose name i dont know. 

to kill a mockingbird and forrest gump. 
i've read to kill a mockingbird a hundred times and it's my favourite book so i was pretty happy to find a well read version of it, and forrest gump is my favourite movie and i've never read the book. i'm about half way through it, (i get bored with books) and i feel a little indifferent towards it. i'm not crazy about it. it's very different to the movie and what i like about the movie, is the movie. simples. 

the calvin and hobbes tenth anniversary book. 
i grew up reading my brother's calvin and hobbes' books and these remind me so much of my child hood it's ridiculous. i adore the stories and the drawings. i don't have any "illustration" tattoos, but if i was to get one, i think it'd be something to do with these little guys, because it reminds me of my brother so much. 

and of course..

mad how orange these photos are. 


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