Sunday, 8 September 2013

san francisco

we arrived in san francisco at about 10pm, with no idea where the hell we were gonna stay. we drove in over the bridge (couldn't see a thing because of mist) and made our way downtown and couldn't find anywhere to stay which was in our budget. we drove round for a good two hours and ended up staying in a hotel near the airport.

the next day, we realised that we didn't really have anywhere to stay and luckily were able to get an air bnb at the very last minute.

i say luckily.

when we got there, it turned out we were staying in tenderloin. we didn't know it before, but tenderloin is classed as the worst area in san francisco. (check out this for a bit of info on the tenderloin)

it was grim like, there were a lot of homeless people, a lot of drugs around (saw a dude shooting up over the road) and in all honesty, we were a bit scared, but the air bnb we stayed in was awesome and super cheap. we both said that we were happy we stayed there. it was cheap, good location, and we were able to see a bit of the "real" san francisco. the neighborhood has resisted gentrification which is very obvious when you visit other areas, but i don't think it was a bad thing.

san francisco is cool. there's a lot of stuff to see; we cycled along the golden gate bridge (graft) we walked up and down the mad hills in the city (actually killed my knees) and rode the tram car.



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