Monday, 23 December 2013

Liverpool ONE Blogger Event Part 1: Yo! Sushi

a few weeks ago i was contacted by James from think publicity asking if i'd like to spend a day at Liverpool ONE, have some food, and visit the ice bar and ice skating rink they've got set up at the moment.

today was the day and i started off by taking a stroll round the shops, checking out my usual favourites like zara, whistles and american apparel. we then finished the day off with an unbelievable feast at Yo! Sushi, which i feel deserves a post in itself.

i think we had about 15 plates; it was Blue Monday, where each plate is reduced to 2.50 so it would have worked out much cheaper. i had two plates of some rare beef thing which was tres delish. plus some chicken firecracker rice, spicy pepper squid and prawn katsu.

Thanks to Jak who was very helpful throughout!

coming up tomorrow... shopping!


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  1. Got to be honest, wasn't a fan of the beef myself, prefer to stick to plates of the salmon sashimi! Sounds like a nice chilled day whereas I was in town today getting last Christmas bits and it was madness D:

    Jade | JadeFungBlog


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