Thursday, 30 October 2014


I got lazy over the summer.

Real real lazy.

It was hot, the World Cup was on and I was more interested in watching football after work than going running.

It didn't take me long to realise that the lack of exercise and abundance of beer and general merriment was taking it's toll on me.

Pre #WC2014 I was running fairly often; We Own The Night, Hackney Half, Liverpool Roll n Roll Half Marathon, plus training for each run in between. I got down to my lightest weight since I was 18 and things were looking good.

I joined PavementBound with the idea to finally have a running crew and centralized hub to share all things, well, running, but never got round to getting out there too much with nothing in sight to train for.

This week, I had it in my mind that I'd get out there and went for a little 5K on my own. I listened to Shake It Off the whole way round and enjoyed the cool, crisp Amsterdam air along the Amstel but managed to hit a few pungent ganja clouds the further Oost I headed.

It was nice to be back out (ganja clouds aside) but I have to admit, even after a fairly short run, I was a bit farabucked.

Tonight I just got back from the first TRVCK session with two other members of PavementBound - JonnyDiscoBalls and LausMuzz. I did find it tough (still feel a bit sick tbh) and no doubt tomorrow I'll find it even tougher but I really enjoyed it.

We did some warmups, ran a few times round the track, then did 5 x 200m Sprints, then twice round the track again. I think I only managed it round the track one last time and had to give in before I took the knock. But I'm so pleased I got back out there.

At the moment, I'm not training for anything, but just trying to push myself to run as I know it'll get easier the more often I do it, even if it is for a couple of KM each time, so that's why my take on PavementBound isn't technical clothing reviews, or inspiring stories about running marathons, it's about one girl's attempt to get #backtorunning.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

leather and layers


Bootea Teatox Review

I'm Senorita Skeptical when it comes to things like this. You see "detox tea" or if you like, "teatox" companies on instagram, like Bootea, using photos of skinny girls, beaches, nicely cut fruit blah blah and overall I think it's pretty much B.S.

However I was feeling a bit sluggish for a couple of weeks, felt like I'd put on a bit of weight and thought, f'ck it, I'll order the Bootea 14 day (not too much commitment) and see how it goes.

I wasn't super strict with my diet, or exercise for that matter, as they suggest, but I've really enjoyed doing it. I've looked forward to drinking it during the day and actually last time I weighed myself, I was 5 pounds lighter than when I started it. I've found that I've not been tired during the day, I've reduced the amount of coffees I've been getting from the machine at work and drinking more herbal teas in general.

A couple of observations:

The actual tea-bags aren't good quality:

They split very easily, so I suggest using a tea-strainer or whatever they're called, so you don't get loads of herbs n sh't floating around your cup. That said, I reuse each day-time tea-bag about three or four times, just topping it up with hot water and maybe adding a green tea in there with it when it's on its last legs.

The Bedtime Cleanse:

Not as scary as I expected. I watched a few review videos where girls had suffered terribly from the cleanse, but I didn't find that at all. These girls were in pain, had to stop whatever they were doing etc so they could use the bathroom. I was scared about this, so started it on the weekend and not when I'd be in work, just incase anything bad happened but I was happy to find I didn't suffer from this at all. I don't really have an explanation for this, maybe I was just lucky.

I think in total, plus p&p to Amsterdam, I paid around €28 for it. It's quite a lot of money for 21 tea bags I suppose, but having the set regime of the detox helped me a lot and I didn't slip from it or forget to take it.

Would I buy it again? Probably. I've looked into other teatoxes but think I'll just stick with this as I didn't have any bad side effects. I might even treat myself and go for the 28 day. Who knows.

I would recommend this to people but only if I know they don't have sensitive stomachs, because some of the reviews sounded pretty nasty. What can I say. I'm made of tough sh;t.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

black, white and gold.

black, white and gold.

Just found this ahmayzing shirt from River Island on Polyvore but swiggity swooty, gonna hit the Kalverstraat store for that booty this morning.

Shirt - River Island
Shoes - Tom Ford
Pants - Alexander Wang
Bag - YSL
Lippy - Mac
Perfume - Tom Ford


American Vogue - September 2014: A$AP & CHVNEL

As soon as I read online that bae was going to be in the September issue with Chanel I knew I had to track down a copy of Vogue for safekeeping. I do that with particular issues; I'm not a regular magazine buyer, but when these special moments come round I endeavor to do so. I did it with the issue of Sarah-Jessica Parker and Chris Noth when they did they did a spread back in 2008, I did it when Justin Bieber covered the ten year anniversary for Complex Magazine and I did it again for Rocky and Chanel.

Turns out not all newsagents in Amsterdam or the surrounding area stocks the September issue, with its 856 pages full of adverts and editorials. It took me a good two weeks to track it down and I got it from the American Book Centre in Spui. Not sure why I didn't check there earlier.

It's a truly wonderful shoot.

She's beautiful and well, he's a pretty motherf'cker.


Monday, 15 September 2014

Laces Out! Sneaker Festival at Camp & Furnace

I was recently told about Laces Out! which is a Sneaker Festival being held at the Camp & Furnace in Liverpool on the 4th of October. 

Rather than just posting a picture of the pretty sweet flyer, I thought I'd take the liberty to ask the organizers a couple of questions... 

Why did you decide to organise Laces Out!

We made ‘Laces Out!’ to give enthusiasts like ourselves a place to meet up, and buy, sell or trade in a cool environment. Liverpool’s obsession with trainees dates back to the 80’s and we though it was about time the city had a festival to celebrate the culture.

What shoe do you think is synonymous to Liverpool? 

It probably depends on what era we’re talking about, but for me it would have to be the Adidas Gazzelle.

What have been your Top 5 releases from the past year? 

Ubiq x Asics Gel Lyte V “Midnight Bloom”
Jcrew x New Balance 998 “Concrete Jungle”
Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte V “Cove”
Adidas ZX FLUX 8000 Weave OG “Aqua”
Packer x Adidas EQT Running support 93 “Micropacer”

What was your footwear rotation over summer?

Adidas Stan Smith, Nike Flyknit Racer, Nike Flyknit Lunar, Nike Free Inneva Woven NRG.

Where do you like buying shoes from; online/offline, independents/partners, ebay?

I buy from all different platforms. I love independent retailers like Ran Shop, and the old Transalpino in Liverpool, you get a nice variety of styles and brands that you wont find in the big chains. 

I do like to get a good mix of new and old releases, and the internet is great for that. Ebay is has served me well over the years, and now social media is becoming a great tool for people who are into their trabs. I follow hundreds of different Twitter and Instagram accounts dedicated to selling trainers, and you can find some gems that way.

What do you think of customisation services that brands offer, like NIKEiD/miadidas?

I think the concept is good, I always wanted to design my own trainers and this gives people a chance to have a go. I also like the idea of wearing a 1of 1 pair of trainers, and customizing makes that possible. That said, I wouldn’t like to see the brands offering out too many styles to customize, I think the classics should be left alone. I’m also not a fan of people being able to print any image they want on their shoe, there’s no creativity there. Like with the MI ZX FLUX, its only a matter of time before people are walking around with pictures of their kids on their trabs and that’s not cool. 

What are you expecting to see a lot of on the day? 

A lot of adidas.

What shoe would you love to see on display? 

I’d love to see the Patta x Parra Nike Air Max 1 “Cherrywood Red” on display, it’s probably my favourite shoe that I don’t own.  


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Alexander Wang Spring Summer '15

Every year, when it comes to September, if you're a Fashion Blogger, you really have no excuse; you have an abundance of articles to write about.

When you're a Fashion Blogger like me, who procrastinates and tumbls more than she Blogs, the pressure's on to push out at least one post for the month.

I think it's a bit cliche me piping up to talk about Alexander Wang, but in all honesty, it's more cliche me talking about a sneaker-inspired collection from New York Fashion Week.

It's like the easy way out, but I couldn't not talk about this collection.

I must admit I was a little bit surprised to see such obvious replications; iconic Red and Blue and moreover actually using Cement print from Jordan to the mix of mesh and Fairway green, presumably inspired by Senor Smith at adi.

My highlight is probably the Woven material seen on various Nike Sportswear silhouettes being featured on heels half way down the post. That or the Jordan 6 (I would guess) clutch bags.

Do I like this collection?


Would I wear the jumpers with my Jordans?



Monday, 1 September 2014

Shoe of the Day: Rift

jacket - h&m
shirt - h&m
jeans - zara
necklace - marc by marc jacobs
nike rift - 


Monday, 18 August 2014

Greece Piccies


I have no idea if I spelt that right but I think I'm along the right lines. I just got back, literally, landed two hours ago from GREECE!

I went to stay with my friend from work who is originally from Athens, but his family has a country house about an hour away in a beautiful town called Schinias. We stayed there for one night, stayed in Athens for one night, visited the Acropolis, CAMPED! for one night on a beach in a town called Evia, went back to the city for a day and then finished up the holiday again in Schinias.

I had such a good time. It was my first time visiting Greece and it was so beautiful; the water, the beaches, the mountains! It was so different to see mountains for the first time in a long time! 

I just want to say a big thank you to the Ovadias' and thank you for the wonderful company and delicious food. 

Enjoy le pics.


Monday, 28 July 2014

grocery run


holiday clothez.




All tings apart from le bra were on sale in Zara. Kappow.

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