Saturday, 18 January 2014


i know i'm a little bit late jumping into blogging this year but i thought i'd do a little round up of 2013; the highs and lows, the good and the bad, le blah, le blah, le blah.

i started off 2013 in a bit of a sketchy place. for some reason, epilepsy really took a hold during the first couple of months of the year, i had quite a few fits, one in public - actually on the platform in amsterdam centraal, where i was so close to the edge, my wallet fell onto the tracks. thank the lord that i didn't roll over the edge and get ran over by a train. every morning for months i was terrified i'd have a fit. niet goed.

i had a lot of doctors appointments in liverpool and amsterdam and ended up changing my medication; i'd been on lamotrigine since i was diagnosed in 2007, and i think the conclusion was that i'd just become immune to it. i moved onto keppra/levitaracitam in about march/april and ever since, it's been amazing. i'm not worried any more about having fits in the morning and live a bit of a more "normal" life. even if the tablets are as big as an extra strong mint.

next up, another change was i got a new flatmate. this was such a big change from living with a couple and a dog to living with a girl who i can chill out with and cook and watch trashy movies with. seriously, so happy she moved in. even though she talks about her boyfriend more than i talk about epilepsy, hood to coast and my eyebrows (which is a LOT), i do love her and i'm very happy she moved in.

another highlight of 2013 was travelling. i went to portugal for a week with work and had an amazing time. even though it was for work, the people who i was away with seriously made it. we laughed none-stop all the time, but still worked super late hours, and the place we went to was so beautiful, i'd love to go back again. (toenail and beverage - that's for you)

last year i also went to the US to take part in hood to coast (see i told you i talk about it a lot) and it was probably the most amazing thing i've ever done in my life. i also travelled down the 101 for the week and finished up in san francisco which was pretty gnarly. i wrote about it here, here and here.

a load of us went for an eventful weekend in paris, i went to a cottage with my school-friends in the uk, and also visited jersey and had a family week in france.

2013 was also a good year for shoes. my top 5 purchases were probably the janoski digi-floral, flyknit racer multi-colour, af1 white/white, huarache blue/green and the air max 90 sneakerboot.

i finished up 2013 with a lovely two weeks in liverpool, very family and chocolate orientated, working at the salvation army soup-kitchen on christmas day, sleeping and eating during the rest of the days. pretty perfect.

all in all it was a pretty good year.

i'm not sure what's in store for me for this year, all i know is that i've got a half marathon planned. i want to travel as much as possible; i seem to be the only one of my friends who has a glastonbury ticket, but i'd also like to go to greece in the summer and maybe to berlin again to do a 10k (i was there earlier this week and it made me realise how cool the city is.) another thing i'm super excited about is the wedding of the year; two of my friends - chris and laura are getting married in manchestoh and i cannot WAIT! just gotta start looking for outfits!

here's to 2014, guys. i hope it's a good one for you!


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