Thursday, 22 May 2014

at home.

I'm in Liverpool!


This is very exciting for me. Living away from my family and friends can be tough sometimes so it's nice to be back here just to be here. My mum asks me 10 times a day, "do you fancy doing something?"

8 times out of 10, the answer is "No, not really." I just like being at home. As if this is my regular day-to-day life. Just playing with the dogs, watching six episodes on the run of the OC, and spending all-day Thursday in my pajamas.

I do have a slight ulterior motive to being here, I'm running the Rock n Roll half marathon on Sunday and it's started to kick in I most definitely haven't trained enough for it. I know of a few people on Twitter who are doing it (one person in particular who challenged me to do it and I took him up on it.) Are you doing it or know anybody doing it?

It's good to be home. Already I've done quite a bit of shopping. We went to Speke Retail Park yesterday and I bought some new Nike slides, a vest which I'll probably wear for the race (if the weather holds out) and also bought some nice bits of make up which are a lot more expensive in Amsterdam and super cheap here. It makes me happy. Is it sad such things cheer me up?

Tomorrow I'm going to a dress-fitting with my friend Michaela who is getting married next year and I'm a bridesmaid (yay) and then I'm going to watch Bird play at the Kazimier in the evening with my mum and my bruddah.

Tonight after my tea (my mum is currently making Boston Pork; nom nom nom) I might go for a run and try and find some hills to practice for the Upper Parliament Street part of the race. (Bleurgh)

I'll do a more in-depth post of the race after I'm done, but for now, here's a photo of me and Coco just before we did some gardening on the flat roof.


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