Wednesday, 14 May 2014

pon de run

It varies, usually about 5, 7 or 10k. Depends on le mood. I'm training for a half marathon, so it should be a lot further. But it usually isn't. I'm defo going to regret not going harder in my training. I'm a bit worried about it, but I've done one before, with the same route and I think I'm a better runner now. So I hope that'll work in my favour. 

Evening, after work. I usually run around 8pm. I come in, put my leggings and trainers on, have a banana and then head out so I've got no excuse to chill out and jib off the run.

Mainly in Amsterdam. If I'm travelling for the weekend, I'll try to run in the city, like in Paris or Berlin, to explore the area and to say "fuck yeh I've ran in Paris." I run in Liverpool when I'm at home too. It's a lot different, quite hilly and no canals.  

Yeah, always. It varies on my mood on what kind of music I listen to. If I want to run far, but go at an easy pace I will listen to something chilled like Drake or Frank Ocean. If I want to run fast I'll listen to something heavier like The White Stripes, Marilyn Manson or Yeezus. Or the Spice Girls apparently. 

How long left til I finish this kilometer? I'm starving. Where's the next water fountain? Him. Get out my way. I'm running, I have dominance of the pavement. 

Mild. Cold-ish almost. Not warm. I like to run early evening when it's cooler, especially during the summer. I like getting caught in the rain at the end of a run. It's nice. 

Essentially, to exercise. I don't run to lose weight though; I think I eat more calories post-run to cancel out any good I've done. It gives me time on my own and time to think about things. I don't really like the gym, so never work out. Running is the only exercise I really do. 

At the moment, Flyknit Racers. I know they're not a long distance shoe, but I find that I can run quicker in them than Flyknit Lunars or Vomeros. For my half marathon, I think I'm going to change my shoes half way through. Start off in my Racers and get my Mum to bring my Lunars for a bit more cushioning for the end of the race. Dumb idea? I think so. 


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  1. Such a nice post .. I run every now and then and combine it with a steady gym regime, but seeing a post likes this makes me want to run more often ^^



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