Monday, 12 May 2014

We Own The Night!

This weekend I went to London to take part in We Own The Night, which is a 10k run organised by Nike and held in different cities across Europe once a year.

It's only my third "proper" run I've done; I did a half mazza in Liverpool in 2012, Hood to Coast in Portland last year and then this.

I've said it a million times before but I'm a slow runner; I completed the course in 1:05:03 but I think technically this was the fastest I've ran 10k before. I'm not sure how reliable my GPS is when I record my runs usually and I think it's slightly out of sync by about 250metres per kilometre if you get me. I looked back at previous 10k's I'd run before and I was running them at like 1 hour 15 and that was with the out-of-syncness, so I'm pretty happy to have an official time.

I didn't take pictures when I was running because I didn't want anybody to see me on my phone and think I was slacking *insert monkey covering eyes emoticon*

Big ups to everybody who came down who I saw and didn't see, for that matter.

We also got this lovely little Alex Monroe necklace in place of a medal. Je suis tres proud to wear it.

Well done to all the team who organised and of course the girls that ran it! 


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